Arbonne FC5 & RE9 Skincare Products

If you don’t already know – and the beauty industry hasn’t drilled this into you yet – it’s important to take care of your skin….especially your face. Your face is the first thing a person sees and let’s face it (no pun intended) it’s important to take care of your skin. As we get older our skin will change and using products to keep our skin hydrated, moisturized, and wrinkle-free is important. Admittedly, I was unfamiliar with Arbonne until my friend Kristin, who is a consultant for Arbonne, introduced me to these products and sent me some samples to try out.


The first sample pack I tried was the FC5 from Arbonne. It included hydrating cleanser & refreshener, nurturing day lotion with SPF20, moisturizing night crème and hydrating eye cream.  A big selling point in a moisturizer is finding one that contains an SPF and is not greasy. I really enjoyed using the Oil-Absorbing Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF20 Moisturizer and was sad that the sample was only good for a few uses. This SPF moisturizer was incredibly light and did not leave a greasy feeling on my face which is a BIG BONUS! It quickly absorbed into my skin, the scent was pleasant but did remind me slightly of sunscreen. Typically, I do not use a face wash in the morning, I usually apply an alcohol free toner, followed by a moisturizer after showering. Therefore, the moisturizer was the first product I used out of this pack.($42)

Just like the SPF moisturizer, I found the Hydrating Cleanser and Freshener to be light and creamy. It had a nice scent, didn’t leave my skin feeling stripped and did a nice job of removing the day off of my face, leaving it feeling clean. ($28)

Following the cleanser, I applied the Night Time Moisturizer. It’s important to apply a night moisturizer every evening before bed to help repair your skin while you are at rest. Similar to the other products, it is very light – so much so that it didn’t even feel like I was wearing a moisturizer on my face. I’ve tried other products in the past and have found some of them to be incredibly heavy on the face. In the morning my skin felt smooth and refreshed. ($44)

Also included in this pack was a Hydrating Eye Cream. I’ll admit, it is not routine for me to use an eye cream.  With an 8-month old who all of a sudden decided he no longer wants to sleep through the night, being up at all sorts of hours comes puffy and tired eyes!! A little bit of this eye cream goes a long way. I was able to get five days out of this tiny sample. The eye cream is moisturizing and within three night of using this eye cream I saw a dramatic reduction of the bags under my eyes. I actually looked like I was sleeping a full night.  This was my absolute favorite product. ($34)


Also received were samples from the RE9 Skin Care Line which is geared to targeting women who are looking for anti-aging products. What I like about Arbonne is their concentration on using natural ingredients There are several different products within this line.

Smoothing Facial Cleanser – a cleanser made for normal to oily skin. This foaming cleanser does a nice job of removing make up and excess oil from your skin that is built up through out the day. The cleanser has vitamin C which helps your skin to tighten and glow. ($40)

Restorative Day Cream- containing an SPF of 20,  it will protect your face from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This is a lightweight day cream which applies nicely under your make up and doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy. It has a pleasant smell and will not clog your pores. Unfortunately, my skin did not react well from this cream and it had a slight rash that cleared up later on in the day. I might be too sensitive to the ingredients. ($50)

The advanced night repair cream is also incredibly light when applied to your skin. I hate waking up in the morning with my face feeling greasy and this product did not do so. I also did not have any type of reaction to this product when using it.($85)

The regenerating toner doesn’t have a scent but applies nicely to the skin with a cotton ball. It also takes off any daily grime that may have been missed from using the cleanser. I did like this toner a lot and found that it did not irritate my skin. ($35)

The intensive renewal serum was my favorite product out of the RE9 skin care line. After applying this serum just once, I could already feel my face tightening. I can imagine the results that would follow after using the full size product. Unfortunately, I only received about 3 days worth of product. ($58)

The corrective eye cream also contains collagen to help with puffiness around your eyes. After using this product I found it very similar to the FC5 eye cream. It did a nice job to make me look well rested. ($55)

I believe the RE9 products are great for women who are starting to see a change in their skin with wrinkles, bags under their eyes, crow’s feet and/or smile lines. After using these products my skin did feel tighter and that would be the appeal for someone who is interested in tightening their skin for a youthful appearance.

Arbonne doesn’t just carry skin care products. Their products range from skin care, hair care, make up, fragrance, as well as weight management and health & wellness items. Right now you can click this link for an online shopping party until July 31st. If you have any question regarding Arbonne and their products please contact Kristin. She will be able to answer your questions and help find products that are right for you!


All reviews are done for free unless otherwise noted.

Sunny Land Soap

I’ve been so excited to share this review with all of my readers! I had the pleasure to try out several different bath and body products from Pittsburgh-based Sunny Land Soap. This is a company that creates products that are both environmentally-friend and cruelty free. I am always very careful as to what I put on my skin and using natural, handmade products is important to me. If I can’t pronounce an ingredient in my skincare or food it’s probably not good for me.

Also of note, Sunny Land Soap does not create any of their products with palm oil. This was such a great thing to learn. I have tried very hard for years to stay away from beauty or food products that contain palm oil.  The method of harvestation not only destroys rain forests it also is known to be linked to animal cruelty and brutality especially with orangutans. If you would like to read more, Sunny Land Soap has this link on their site.

After speaking with the lovely owner Yvone, she agreed to send me products to review and for our June Give Away (yes, you could win these products-full size!) When my box arrived you could smell the goodness through the shipping box, I knew a few of the items were from her Summer Holiday collection, perfect now that summer is just around the corner. All of these products arrived nicely wrapped or in muslin draw string bags and I just love their logo of a lady in the bathtub with the sun shining behind her.



The first product I used was the Summer Holiday Triple Butter Handcrafted Soap. This blueish-green soap is awesome. Made from olive oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, castor oil, fragrance oil and vegetable glycerin soap coloring; I love the smell of this soap, reminiscent of a day at the beach. It has a nice lather and won’t leave a film on your skin, It is so moisturizing that I even use this on my face. Included with the soap is a hand made crocheted Soap Saver, after using your soap put it in the Soap Savor to prolong the life of your handmade soap. Summer Holiday Triple Butter Handcrafted Soap $4.50 for 3.5 ounces and Soap Saver $3.50



I don’t know about you, but I love to take a nice warm bath right before bed. It’s not often I get the chance to do so with a new baby who likes to pretend he is sound asleep until you get settled into a bath and he begins to sing the song of his people. Well, after a long day I finally got to settle into a bath and dropped in the Summer Holiday Giant Bath Fizzy made from coconut milk, citric acid, baking soda, castor oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance oil, bentonite clay, blue and greed powder color. This not only added moisturizing oils to my bath but as a fun element  it turned the water caribbean blue. The almond oil was fragrant and reminded me of a scent from my childhood that I just cannot pinpoint at this time. Bath fizzes are great for anyone but I think this would be awesome for a little kid to use in their bath. The best thing about these fizzies are their size. You don’t have to drop the whole thing into the bath- in fact I cut it in half with a sharp kitchen knife which allows me to enjoy for another relaxing bath. I would suggest cutting it into fourths if you were using this in a child’s bath. They fizz in your tub for quite a long while.  Summer Holiday currently on sale for $4.00 6.6 oz bath fizz.




Lucky for me, I still had two more bath fizzies to try out, the Tropical Smoothie Giant Bath Fizzy and the Soothe Your Skin After Sun Fizzy.  Once again, both of these are very fragrant and add components of moisture to your bath water.  They soak right up into your dry skin, and make you not want to leave the bath tub. Truthfully, we haven’t had much sun where I live and since I am fair-skinned, I know at least once this summer I will find myself slightly burned.  Therefore, I am looking forward to using the other half of the Soothe Your Skin After Sun Fizzy – the oatmeal, milk and almond oil will provide a soothing element to sunburned skin. The Tropical Smoothie reminds me of being on a beach somewhere sunny and warm sipping a fruity drink and working on my somewhat  tan. Tropical Smoothie on sale for $4.00 for 6.6 oz and Soothe Your Skin After Sun Fizzy $4.99 for (3) 4.0 oz fizzies.


Of course after a nice warm bath, I like to follow by moisturizing my skin with a creamy lotion.  Not only does my skin continue to stay hydrated and smooth but I love to smell good especially when crawling into bed. I couldn’t wait to try out the Summer Holiday Goat Milk & Aloe Whipped Lotion, after using this lotion it has moved into my top five body lotions. This whipped lotion is delectable and makes you want to eat it. The lotion is a perfect texture and does not leave your skin greasy.  It absorbs quickly and the smell lasts a long time. This lotion contains several different essential oils, sunflower,meadowfoam,jojoba oil, goat’s milk, aloe vera, vitamin C among other components that make up this fabulous lotion. Summer Holiday Goat Milk & Aloe Whipped Lotion $5.60 for 3.5 oz



My grandma always reminds me that I need to take good care of my feet. I find myself on my feet all day long, rocking my baby to nap or taking him on strolls through out our neighborhood.  At the end of the day my feet are tired. Included in my box of goodies, was a Summer Tootsies Energizing Foot Care Set, perfect for getting my feet in shape for summer sandals.  One night, my husband went on dad duty and I took a break to soak my feet in the tub. I filled the tub up with a few inches of water just enough to cover my feet to my ankles and dropped in one of the Energizing Fizzy Foot Soak Cubes. These smell so refreshing and are composed of citric acid, baking soda, castor oil, sweet almond oil, lavender flower powder, bentonite, lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil and vegetable glycerin soap coloring.

Next, I took the Energizing Foot Scrub which are made from epsom salts, sweet almond oil, peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil, dried lavender and vitamin E. This is a an invigorating foot scrub. I lathered both of my feet and scrubbed lightly with a pumice stone. This was great for removing the dead skin off of my heels. I will admit, I haven’t had a pedicure in a long time and this scrub really helped renew my feet.

Lastly, before bed I took some of the Energizing Foot Balm made from shea butter, olive oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E, peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil. I made sure to use this nightly for a week to really test the foot balm; to lock in moisture I would wear socks to bed. I applied this balm to my feet and within in a week I saw a significant change in my heels. They went from rough and dry to smooth. Purchase all three in a set for $12.49 ( 6 fizzes, 1 jar 2 oz Scrub & 1 jar 2 oz Balm)


When reviewing beauty and body products I use them for a week straight. This allows me to really see how well they work and if they improve the quality of my skin. I am happy to say that these products hit a home run!

I could rave about Sunny Land Soap all day long! Overall, this has been one of my favorite companies in which to product test. I enjoyed every single one and I know you will too. Check out Sunny Land Soap’s entire product line on their website. They offer lotions, soaps, bath fizzies, wax tarts, lip balms, hand sanitizer and even a product for your pet’s paws (assuming your pet has paws).

Sunny Land Soap products would be perfect to add to your collection or to treat your mom, aunt, sister or a friend as a gift. How awesome would these products be for as a bridal shower, baby shower or luncheon favor?

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Social Bliss April

The Style Box by Social Bliss

Costs: $39.95 a month plus &7.95 for s/h

Each box contains $100-$200 worth of accessories and style products.


I really wanted to like this box but I was disappointed on how long it took to receive. This was April’s box and it was not delivered until May 8th. After opening the box, I wasn’t overly excited to find what was inside. I will probably hold off on ordering another box from Social Bliss for a couple of months.


Izzy & Ali Hannah Shoulder Bag in Mustard -This is a nice purse and decent quality. I was disappointed in the color. Several reviewers received either black or navy and I would have preferred ones of those. I probably won’t use this bag until fall- it doesn’t really say “Summer” $129.00


Cubic Zirconia Earrings- These earrings are decent quality and after searching the internet found an approximate price of $50.00 which I think is a bit high for costume jewelry. **This will be a Give Away Item**


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara- Too Faced is one of my favorite brand of make up and I love their mascara. This will be a great addition to my make up bag. ($15.00)


Floral Compact- This is just a black plastic compact mirror. Nothing exciting about it. ($5)


Stella Fiesta Nail Rhinestones- I am not a fan of nail art or at least doing it myself. This looks like it requires too much patience and time. **Give Away Item** ($7.00)


Fig Tree Earrings- Bonus Item. Lead and Nickel Compliant. These are light weight and cute- great to add to any outfit. ($22)


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Urthbox May

UrthBox ($19.00-$79.00 / free shipping) Monthly subscription of Healthy snacks. Boxes available in Class, Gluten-Free, Vegan or Diet. There are several different size boxes-mini,small,medium and large. 1,3,6 month plans available.


This is my second UrthBox and again I am very happy with the contents inside. If you are looking for a healthy alternative for snacking this box is worth it! It’s a great way to introduce you to new snacks and brands you may have never heard of.

Items Included:


1.) Chia Drink Strawberry Citrus – Naturally Gluten Free, BPA Free, 2g of Fat, 50 Calories, 5 Sugars and 0mg of Sodium. I was happy to give this a try because of it’s low sugar content. It’s not too bad- I think it would be better cold but it has a citrus/strawberry flavor to it. The Chia drink is designed to provide you with hydration,endurance, heart health and brain power. Sample Pack & 12 Pack Available 


2.) The Good Bean Chickpeas- Gluten Free, Nut Free, Soy Free and Vegan. 3g of Fat, 120 Calories, 185mg of Sodium. These chick peas are lightly coated in sea salt. I am a huge fan of dried chick peas they are great to snack on alone or to put in a salad. Available on their website are several different flavors. Variety Packs Available


3.) Chimes Ginger Chews- All Natural and Gluten Free. 1g of Fat, 160 Calories, 0mg of Sodium. If you like Ginger you probably will like these. The ginger chews are quite chewy with a hint of spice to them. This is something I wouldn’t eat more than one at a time because of the kick but they are good. 2oz Tins 20 Tins in a Box ($59.95)


4.) I Heart Keenwah  Cluster- All Natural and Gluten Free. 4g of Fat, 120 Calories and 135mg of Sodium. Healthy snack that contains 9 essential amino acids, perfect for snacking in between meals to keep you full. Buy Online Abe’s Market ($4.99)


5.) Nana’s Pound Cake Soft Cookie- Vegan. 14g of Fat, 260 Calories and 80mg of Sodium. It says on the package “Guilt Free” but that’s an awful lot of fat and calories for a “guilt free” cookie. I love pound cake though- I will have to split this with my husband and give it a try.  32 cookies ($36.00)


6.) Cobra Corn Bombay Seasoning- All Natural and No Sugar. Popcorn seasoned with a unique blend of East Indian Spices. This popcorn definitely as an after kick to it! Not too bad- you can really taste the different spices. I am not sure I would be able to sit down and eat this whole bag at one time. Variety of Flavors Available, 15pack ($23.23)


7.) SuperEats Kale & Chia Chips- Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, Non-GMO and High in Antioxidants. 7g of Fat, 120 Calories and 170mg of Sodium. These chips have a chili-lime flavor. 12 5oz Bags ($28.00)


8.) Ricky’s Lucky Nuts Spicy Chile Chipolte- Uniquely Roasted Peanuts and made in the USA. 10g of Fat, 140 Calories and 250mg of Sodium. These were my favorite in this entire box. They had a sweet crunchy bite and a spicy after taste.  12 pack ($24.00)


9.) Go Healthy New York Date Bar Apricot Coconut- 6 Ingredients, Dates, Apricots, walntus, Raisins, Coconut and Almonds. 5g of Fat, 160 Calories and 0mg of Sodium. This would be a great bar for on the go- quick breakfast or a snack mid day. 16 bars($22.40)


10.) Frontier Bites- Pecan, Cherry and Cinnamon Crunchy Energizing Bites. Gluten Free and All Natural. 8g of Fat, 113 Calories and 8mg of Sodium. ($5.99)


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Love With Food- May


Love With Food- is a monthly snack subscription box. Depending on what subscription you purchase at least 1 meal is then donated to a hungry child. I checked their map and for the Chicago area 3,440 meals were donated thus far to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Not only do you get a surprise in the meal you also help a hungry child.

Two Subscriptions Available

Tasting Box- $10.00 a month & Receive 8+ items to sample, 1 meal donated & Free Shipping

Deluxe Box- $17.00 a month & Receive 16-20 items to sample, 2 meals donated & Free Shipping

Cancel Anytime



This was my first box and I was very happy with the snacks inside. May’s theme was Derby Days.


1.) One Potato Two Potato Sweet Potato Chips- Made from All Natural Ingredients, Kettle Cooked, Sunflower Oil, Gluten Free, No MSG and Non-GMO. 9g of Fat, 150 Calories,70mg of Sodium. These are pretty good. I love sweet potatoes and these taste just like a sweet potato and they have a nice crunch to them. If you order from their website you can mix and match different flavors and receive 24 2.0oz bags ($23.76)


2.) Giddy Up & Go Granola- Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan. 8g of Fat, 180 calories and 60mg of Sodium. Contains Organic and Gluten Free Oats, organic raisins,sunflower seeds,vanilla etc. This would be great for on the go or to throw in your yogurt. ($8.00 for 11oz bag) They have several purchase options to choose from.


3.) Tarallino Snack Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pretzels- Product of Italy, 3g of Fat, 129 calories and 240mg of Sodium. For such a small bag this has way too much sodium for me to try. I am very selective of eating products with high sodium contents. Their website is in Italian- which I was unable to understand. ($?)


4.) Revolution Southern Derby Sample Pack of Herbal Tea- Honeybush Caramel, Tropical Green Tea and Southern Mint. Their tea bags introduced the first flow through infuser bag which captures the full flavor of the leaves. ($8.99 a box)


5.) Sea Salt Caramels by Le Caramel- Melt in your mouth caramels. These came loose in the box and did not have the nutritional value. These are delicious, absolutely delicious! ($6.25 a box)


6.) Key Lime Cookies by J&M- Inspired by Florida’s key lime fruit, these cookies are tart and sweet. Natural Ingredients are used  for these cookies. 7g of Fat, 200 Calories and 180mg of Sodium. 1.5oz received in box is ($2.10) Prices vary on their website.


7.) Hickory Smoked Sea Salt & Italian Black Truffle Salt from The Spice Lab- Salt samples that taste like the true south, perfect for a BBQ style foods and flavored black truffle salt for a richer dish. Prices Vary


8.) Tropical Peach Drink Mix by Flavorz Organic- USDA Organic, Non-GMO. Mix with water to create a tropical punch. 0g of Fat, 70 Calories, 0mg of Sodium. I will have to give this a try when I have a get together in the Summer. Prices Vary


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Color Me Monthly- May

Color Me Monthly kindly sent me a box to review for May. Color Me Monthly is a nail polish subscription service that sends you a full size nail polish every month. Did I mention that this nail polish is non toxic, carcinogen free, vegan, eco-friendly, made in the USA, never tested on animals and free shipping?

This is a perfect monthly subscription for anyone who loves nail polish. I usually pick up a new nail polish every month or at least every other month at the drug store and for $7.00 a month one can be shipped to me for free. Color Me Monthly also keeps their packaging to a minimum-which allows them to keep the cost down and the shipping free.

Subscriptions are Available:

$7.00 a month

$40.00 every six months

$75.00 a year




This month’s color is a shimmery sea foam green/light blue color called Sirens. Summer is approaching and this would look great on your nails and toes especially if your the type who can tan in the sun. I love the color but I am not one to wear colors like this on my nails, I stick to very plain nail polish colors. Lucky for you- this will be a Give Away Item!!

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A&B Homemade Naturals

Through Twitter, I was able to connect with Brittany, the Owner of A&B Homemade Naturals beauty products. She was happy to send sample items for a review and even included a gift basket for our May Give Away!

After browsing her Etsy Shop, I couldn’t wait to see what would be arriving in the mail for me to try. A&B Homemade Naturals has an array of products ranging from beauty to skin care and even deodorant, all of which are handmade from natural products. I am one of those women who love to know exactly what I am putting on my skin and using natural products are always a positive in my book.


The first item I sampled was the Honey Lip Balm. This is a lovely lip balm, incredibly smooth and moisturizing for your lips. It is made from beeswax, raw honey, vitamin E and organic coconut oil. Within in a few days of using this balm consistantly my lips were smooth. I also love that it is a perfect size to throw in a small clutch. All Natural Honey Lip Balm ($5.50)


Next, I sampled her Sweet Pea Coconut Lotion. What a magnificent scent of lotion perfect for a summer scent. It is fragrant enough that you might want to go light on your perfume that day if you choose to use this as an all-over body lotion. I received a smaller sample and used this on my hands as often as I could. Being a mom, you find yourself washing your hands all the time. This lotion is made from hemp oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and aloe vera. Available for purchase is a trio of coconut-based lotions, scents include mango papaya, cucumber melon and lilac & lilies amongst others. Lotion Trio  ($23.00) or a 4oz Jar ($10.00)


Third, I was thrilled to receive one of A&B Homemade Naturals make up products. Since, I am a big make up fan I love trying out new products. I received the Cinnamon Bronzer. I use a bronzer everyday as I am fair-skinned and find it necessary to add just a tint of bronze on my cheeks to make me look more life-like.  This bronzer is delicious, in fact it smells so good you’ll want to sprinkle it on your toast!  A&B Homemade Cinnamon Bronzer gave me just a perfect subtle glow on my cheeks. I found this bronzer to be very light in texture and didn’t feel cakey when applied. It is made from cinnamon, cocoa powder, nutmeg, corn startch and arrowroot powder. This will be another item, I keep handy during the Summer months for a nice sun kissed glow. Cinnamon Bronzer ($6.50)

il_570xN.594319243_i6kwphoto credit: BrittanyD

Lastly, I sampled the Lavender Deodorant which is made from organic cornstartch, organic coconut oil, natural baking soda and lavender essence. I have sensitive skin under my armpits and at times get red bumps from shaving. This is a great alternative for someone to use with sensitivity because it stays away from chemicals and aluminum which is often found in deodorants. My bumps haven’t gone away just yet but I do find less irritation when I shave and that is probably from the moisturizing elements of the coconut oil. Available in three scents ($7.00)

If your a fan of natural products you should check out her Etsy Store to see what products are available for purchase and contact her regarding any questions you may have on their products.

Follow Brittany from A&B Homemade Naturals on Twitter!

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Cake Face Soaping Baby Products

Through a monthly box I purchased back in March, I was introduced to a company called Cake Face Soaping based out of Slidell,Louisiana.  The New Orleans-themed box I had ordered in March featured a product was included called “Hang Over Spray“.  This product is made from distilled water, with Cake Face’s original blend of homegrown herbal hydrosois and essential oils. The spray is 100% natural, handmade, and get this – it is even vegan. It has an incredible smell, I can’t exactly pinpoint it but there has to be rosemary and mint somewhere in that mix. What a pick-me-up, it really does refresh you!


After falling in love with the Hang Over Spray, I thought I would take a leap and reach out to this store to see if they would like to have any more of their products reviewed. Kelsey Foreman the founder of Cake Face Soaping contacted me back and agreed to send products for review.

Kelsey has an extensive line of products: natural vegan soaps, lotions, ointments and scrubs all of which are 100% handmade, natural and vegan. She takes pride in her products and ensures that her oils are purchased from a highly trusted distributor and even uses herbs at times from her own garden or from other local gardens. Even the labels are printed from treeless paper.

Kelsey decided to send me a few products from her baby line called Cake Face Baby. This was a great idea as I have a 7-month old at home who would be perfect to try these products. As a mom who is selective on what I put on my son’s skin, it is comforting to know that her products are all natural and safe.


Before I even get into the review of the products, I will tell you that I was incredibly happy with her line of Baby Skin Care. She included samples of her shampoo and body wash, baby oil and lotion.


The first item I tested out on my son was her Shampoo and Body Wash called Sugar N’ Spice. This soap smells wonderful and the name is perfect it smells sweet with a hint of spice made from olive oil, coconut oil, organic avocado oil and a Cake Face blend of essential oils. This is a gentle soap that cleanses and moisturizes your baby’s skin and will not burn baby’s eyes.  It can be used as a shampoo as well, which is a plus for me. The scent will stay on your baby all day. Available in 16oz for $12.00 in a variety of scents.


After a bath, I wrap my baby up in a plush towel and dry him off I go straight for a moisturizing product to help keep his skin hydrate, silky and smooth. This is where I tried her next product: Baby Oil made from grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, organic avocado oil, castor oil, rosemary, lemon, vitamin C and E. I was surprised when I put some in my own  hands how smooth and fragrant this oil was.  It’s also not as thick as some of the big brand baby oils and I really loved that.  Absorbing quickly, it didn’t leave his skin feeling greasy. I usually stay away from oils because of the greasy feel, but am happy to have found a solution for this. I used this all over my baby and when I was done he smelled amazingly fresh and earthy and made me want to smell him all day. I even used this on my legs when I got out of the shower. Available in 8oz for $12.00


Lastly, I finished up with Kelsey’s Baby Lotion, “The Postman” which is made from pistachio butter, fractionated coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, distilled water and Cake Face’s blend of essential oils. This lotion has a very light scent and was not overpowering at all. My son has two dry patches on his shoulders and every so often will get a dry patch of skin on his cheeks. I used this lotion on those patches along with his face and head. Not only did it moisturize him, it absorbed quickly and kept his skin soft all day. Available 8oz for $11.00

When reviewing these products I used them everyday for a week straight after my baby’s bath. Within a week, his skin had softened and his dry patches went away. Not to mention he smelled delicious and probably received 10 times the amount of baby kisses he normally receives. None of these products irritated his skin….or mine for that matter.

Cake Face Soaping offers quite a few products in their Cake Face Baby line: antibacterial hand spray and wash, baby oil, lotion, cologne, powder and deodorizer spray all reasonably priced for the high quality of ingredients.

If you have any questions regarding products for your baby please contact Cake Face Soaping.

You can follow Kelsey on Facebook and shop her website and Etsy store for more amazing products.

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PopSugar Must Have May Box

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day celebrating with your loved ones!


Today, I received May’s PopSugar Must Have Box and I am very happy with the contents inside.  The theme of this box is Summer and must have items you need to get ready for the Hot Summer months approaching.



1.)  Kerry Cassill Eye Mask:($24) This comfortable eye mask was exclusively designed for PopSugar. It is made from voile cotton and incredible soft. It also has a nice fit and is not tight around your head. I have personally never used an eye mask but I will be giving this one a try.


2.) Tone It Up DVD: ($15) Toning DVD created by Karena & Katrina who also have a reality show on Bravo. This is a 30 minute workout to help sculpt and tone your body. I am not a work out DVD fan. Not sure, I will be giving this one a try but keep an eye out and this may be given away in next month’s Give Away!


3.) Hi I’m Skinny Sticks Multi-Grain Sweet Onion: ($4) Healthy alternative for snacking with 40% less fat than potato chips and 15 g of whole grains per serving. You can enjoy a snack with out the guilt. These were pretty good and my husband and I are starting to stray away from potato chips and find healthier choices.


4.) Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Polish: ($10) Long lasting polish and better yet 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. This polish isn’t for me. Wild colors don’t look great with my skin tone. Watch for June’s Give Away!


5.) Zing Anything Citrus Zinger: ($17) Take any type of citrus fruit and zing it right into your water bottle. This is such a great idea! You have the option to turn boring water into something a bit more exciting with a citrus flavor. Perfect to take with you on the go.


6.) Smell Bent St. Tropez Dispenser:($45) Bring the beach to you with this tropical island scent. A blend of jasmine and coconut it will take you to another place. I absolutely love this and can’t wait to wear it on a Summery day! The smell is just yummy!

I was very happy with this month’s box. PopSugar is my favorite monthly subscription, very rarely do I receive a box that I just don’t care for. They also have excellent customer service and will replace any item that was damaged or broken for any reason no questions asked.

This box retailed $115.00 and I will end up using all the items except the nail polish and possibly the work out DVD.

Must Have Pop Sugar Box ($39.95 monthly/free shipping) High end, full size products hand picked from their editors. Items include, beauty, food, home accessories, jewelry, life style products. Month to month or 3-6-12 month subscriptions available. You also have the option to make a one time purchase for their special boxes (usually seasonally) Examples: Pop Sugar Neiman Marcus Box, Winter Box, Resort Collection etc.

Conscious Box- Get Your’s Free

Conscious Box ($19.95/free shipping) Select from three choice boxes, Vegan, Classic & Gluten Free. Receive beauty products, natural goods and snacks. Monthly, 3-6-12 subscriptions available.

Get your first Conscious Box Free! Just pay $7.95 for S/H. Use code ESCAPEFREE at check out.

I wanted to try out their free box and recently received mine in the mail. This is not a box for me at this time since I do receive boxes from several health subscription boxes. I did cancel my subscription before I was charged for my first box.


Contents Inside


1.) All Natural IPS Egg White Chips- Pressure Puffed, Aged White Cheddar Egg White Chips. Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, 0g Trans Fat, 7g of Protein, 5g of Fat, 130 Calories & 240mg of Sodium. I have had these before from another subscription box. My husband and I did not like them. They have a bland taste. ($39.03 for 24 pack from Amazon)


2.) NeoCell Beauty Bursts- Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews. These are suppose to help rebuild Collagen, provide Vitamin C & bring hydration to the skin. ($13.19 for 60vitamins from DrVita)


3.) Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drink- 100% Natural Organic, No Refined Sugars, No Artificial Ingredients, 110 calories, 28g of Carbohydrates & 28g of Sugar. I am not a good judge of energy drinks and I wouldn’t drink this one because it has too much sugar. I know it’s not refined sugar but It’s still too much. My husband will have to give this one a try. ($32.53 for 12 pack from Amazon)


4.) Via Nature Soothing Skin Lotion Lavender Eucalyptus & Vanilla Coconut - Antioxidant Omega Essential Complex. Great for sensitive to normal skin. Contains Argan Oil to condition and Hydrate. I am a huge fan of both lotions! Great smell and makes my skin feel really soft! ($8.33 Vanilla Coconut from Amazon & $8.33 Lavender Eucalyptus from Amazon)


5.) Kramp Krusher Electrolyte Chewz- Chewable drops for athletes. Provides sustaining energy and reloads electrolytes lost during working out or racing. I tried these when I was sick- I was unable to tell if it made a difference but I knew I lost a lot of electrolytes and used this in conjunction with Gatorade G2. I think you would need to use these on a daily basis during work outs. ($29.99 for 12pack from Amazon)


6.) Pangea Organics Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamon Lip Balm – This is a long lasting lip balm with antioxidants and organic oils to nourish lips.  I did not try this. This will be part of a  JUNE GIVEAWAY. ($12.00 from C.O. Bigelow)


7.) Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile Tea Sample- Naturally Caffeine Free Herbal Tea. All Chamomile Tea taste the same to me. ($3.79 a box from Vitacost)

This was a great sample box. I was introduced to products I have never used. Does anyone subscribe to Conscious Box? What are your thoughts?

Questions? Comments?

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** SNEAK PEAK** Contest Starts Tomorrow May 2nd, 8am Central Time. Two Winners!

1st Prize: Nature Box Harvest Rice Sticks, Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Sample, Run The World Pocket Journal, Vaseline Lip Therapy, UnReal Candy Mini Bar,Tazo Tea Samples, Level Lemon Verbena Mini Candle, Mercantile 519 Rose Earrings, Cranberry Vegan Floss Samples, Savon De Carmel Make Up & Foundation Cleaner, Julep Nail Polish, Lord & Berry Lip Crayon and Make Up Bag.

2nd Prize: Beauty Basket from A&B Homemade Naturals. Lavender Deodorant, Sweet Pea Coconut Body Wash,Beet Root Powder Blush, Honey Lip Balm & Cinnamon Bronzer

Contest Starts tomorrow! Make sure to watch for the Post Announcing the Start and LIKE & COMMENT to Win! Winners will be selected via on May 3rd 6pm cst.


Shipping in the United States Only.

20140501_195559 20140501_195741

Foundation and Make Up Brush Cleaner By Cecilia Rosslee

How many of you neglect cleaning your make up brushes? I know I am guilty of not taking very good care of my make up brushes and when you stop and think about all the oil and bacteria that finds its way to your brushes, it’s gross.  Recently I read an article that e-coli can be growing on make up brushes. If you haven’t eaten lunch and want to be grossed out you can read this article by about just how dirty your make up brushes are. Gross.

After reading that article, you better believe I will be taking better care of my make up brushes.

When searching for products to review and feature in my monthly give-aways I turned to Etsy where I came across Cecilia Rosslee from Carmel, California.

After contacting Cecilia, I was sent two bars of her Foundation & Make Up Remover bar soap in the mail. I couldn’t wait to try this out on my make up brushes and see just how well this soap would work in cleaning the dirty grime and build-up of foundation and concealers off of my brushes.

20140428_164118 20140428_164125

This bar of soap is a nice size, comparable to a Dove or Irish Spring bar. It is all natural, handmade and a non-chemical product. The soap is cold-pressed, made from high-grade extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil not only cleans the brushes but it also helps to condition the bristles on your brush. It also has a lovely light scent.


When I tried this bar out, I filled up my kitchen sink with warm water and threw in my brushes. Next, I took the bar of soap and wet it, I couldn’t believe how creamy and soft this soap is.  I took each brush and rubbed the soap and rinsed until the water was clear. This was incredibly easy to use and I couldn’t believe just how dirty my brushes were…I am almost ashamed of myself for letting them go this long with out a washing.


After I was done washing each brush I laid them on a paper towel to dry over night. The next day I took a few dry brushes and rubbed them on the paper towel to see if there was an excess make up dirt and guess what? There wasn’t! This soap did a great job and my brushes were soft to the touch.

Make sure you store your bar of soap in a soap dish or draining container to prolong the life of the soap. I have a feeling this is going to last quite a long time with proper care.

I am so happy I came across Cecilia Rosslee’s Etsy Shop. Not only does she sell the Foundation and Make Up brush cleaner she also sells lavendar, oatmeal and rose body soaps all 100% handmade.

This Foundation and Make Up Brush cleaner would make a great gift for anyone who wears make up. I wish I would have stumbled upon her store two years ago, this would have been great to put inside my bridesmaids’ gifts. Great gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays or even a little hostess gift for your best friend.

Check out Cecilia Rosslee Etsy Store or Follow on Facebook

Want to buy one for a gift? Use coupon code MOTHERSDAY for 15% off your purchase from her Etsy Shop.

GUESS WHAT? You Could Win one bar of her Savon de Carmel Foundation & Make Up Brush Cleaner will be featured in my May’s Give Away on Facebook. You have to be a Fan of the page and watch for contest details!! Contest Starts May 2nd. U.S. Shipping Only.

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Urthbox- April

UrthBox ($19.00-$79.00 / free shipping) Monthly subscription of Healthy snacks. Boxes available in Class, Gluten-Free, Vegan or Diet. There are several different size boxes-mini,small,medium and large. 1,3,6 month plans available.

I received my first Urthbox today and I was really happy with the contents inside. I was shocked by the amount of full size products included in April’s box. The box I received is the Medium Size Classic. I purchased a coupon through and got three months at a discounted price. This box is great, especially for me since I have changed my dietary restrictions and am focusing more on Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Vegan Products.


Contents Inside


1.) Annie Chung’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks- Sesame Flavored. 2.5g of Fat, 30 calories, 70mg of Sodium. I think I will pass on trying these! It brings me back to a terrible time eating Seaweed Salad at Tao in Las Vegas…one of the funniest…yet the worst stories ever!! ($1.44)


2.) Hail Merry Macaroons- 4 Choco flavored Macaroons, Gluten Free, Vegan, 11g of Fat, 130 calories, 30mg of Sodium. I can’t wait to try these! My mom’s macaroons are the only ones I love but now that I am doing Gluten Free, I hope these are delicious! ($40.00 for 8 bags)


3.) Elianni Vegan Mushroom Pate-Vegan, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, 5g of Fat, 60 calories, 70mg of Sodium. ($4.99)


4.) Rescue Pearls Natural Stress Relief- (Received 2 boxes with 28 capsules in each) These are dissolvable capsules, Non- Habit Forming, Alcohol Free and Homeopathic. I am interested in trying these, I will admit I have terrible anxiety and maybe these will help me. ($9.99)


5.) Wai Lana Thai Curry & Lime Chips- Gluten Free, Wheat & Soy Free, Cholesterol Free, 30% Less Fat than regular potato chips. 6g of Fat, 130 Calories and 204mg of Sodium. These are not for me, they have a nice light texture different from a potato chip but I don’t care for the taste. I will have to see what Grandma thinks! ($2.99)


6.) SunRype 100% Fruit Strip Strawberry Watermelon (2)- Nut Free, Gluten Free, 0g of fat, 50 calories, 5mg of Sodium. A Healthy version of the childhood favorite fruit roll ups. ($2.00 approx)


7.) Roots Blueberry Flavor Powder- A blend of powdered vegetables and fruites. A whole day’s worth of super foods. Blueberry Flavor. 0g of Fat, 30 calories, 51mg of Sodium. My guess is too mix this in a smoothie.($1.50)


8.) New Tree Orange Pearls- Belgian Dark Chocolate covered Orange bites. 66% Dark Chocolate, Rich In Fiber, Organic and Fair Trade ingredients. 2.5g of Fat, 97 calories, 12mg of Sodium. ($2.25)


9.) Caveman Cookies- Grain- Free, Paleo, All Natural, Dairy Free. 3.5g of Fat, 60 calories, 0mg of Sodium. This is a cookie that can be eaten while following the Paleo life. ($6.25 for 8 cookies)


10.) Zouq Curry Crunch Sweet & Sour Mix- Gluten Free,Gluten Free, Vegan No Cholesterol, MSG Free. Mixture of nuts, dried peas, and crisps. 9g of Fat, 152 calories, 129mg of Sodium. ($17.88 for 12 pouches)


11.) Unreal Candy (2)- No GMO’s No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Corn Syrup. These are similar to a snickers bar and tasty. Did not have nutrition facts listed on product. ($ ?? unable to locate pricing)


12.) La Tortilla Factory Whole Wheat Tortillas- High Fiber, Low Carb, 2g of Fat, 50 Calroeis, 210mg of Sodium. These are prefect for my family. We eat a lot of turkey tacos and my husband is a “take a sandwich to work every day guy” these will be nice to pair with tuna fish. ($11.12 for 2 pack)


13.) Natural Delights Medjool Dates (BONUS ITEM)- Dried Dates, 0g of Fat, 140 calories, 10mg of Sodium. I am not a big fan of Dates so these will end up with Grandma. ($5.99 1lb bag)


14.) Honey Grams (2 BONUS ITEMS)- Gluten Free, Wheat Free. Does not contain nutrition information. These were delicious! (Unable to locate)

Overall, I was very happy with this box. Urthbox introduced me to a ton of new products that I was unaware of or would probably never even come across in the grocery store. Definitely looking forward to May and June’s box.

$10.00 off with Coupon Code: CRUNCHWEEK

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HauteLook Lip Bag

HauteLook offered a speciality one time purchase curated with some of the hottest lip colors. This bag is $24.00 plus shipping and values $160.00- it’s your last chance to purchase one from HauteLook as the sale ends tomorrow Monday 8am Pacific Time.

I was pleasantly surprised with the contents in this bag. Lucky for my readers I will be giving away one of the item’s in May’s Monthly Give away via Facebook. You must be a fan of our Facebook Page to win.


Products Included in this Lip Bag


1.) NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Nectar- $4.50


2.) Lord & Berry Lip Crayon in Scarlett -$18.00 <——Included in May’s Give Away Item **


3.) Crown Brush Lip Brush -$7.25


4.) Lorac Lip Lustre Gloss in Ruby Lustre- $15.00


5.) Laura Geller Lipstick in Sugared Maple -$18.00


6.) Mirenesse Lip Bomb Laquer Stain- $35.00


7.) MIrenesse Glossy Kiss for Lip and Cheek- $27.00


8.) Red Lipstick Case $3.00 approximately


9.) La Fresh Travel Makeup Remover Wipe-$ .75 approximately


10.) Swoon Lip Gloss Pick Up Artist-$15.00 Ingenious idea! Use this applicator and never throw out your lip gloss without getting the last drop out of your lip gloss!


11.) Lipstick Make Up Bag-$17 approximately

I was very happy with this purchase, I definitely feel that I have gotten my money’s worth and now will be able to try new products I was did not know existed. Can’t wait to dress up my lips. Pucker Up!

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Sockwork: Socks with a Purpose

Sockwork: Socks with a Purpose 

Through the power of Twitter, I had the opportunity to do a review for a company called Sockwork. This is a monthly subscription for you guessed it…socks. They were kind enough to send me out a box for a review.

Sockwork offers a subscription for men and women.  First choose your style: professional, fun or a mix of the two and then select your membership.

Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 8.09.42 PM

Month-to-Month : 2 Pairs of Socks $20.00 F/S

3 Months: 2 Pairs of Socks (Billed every 3 Months) $60.00 F/S

6 Months: 2 Pairs of Socks (Billed every 6 Months) $114.00 F/S (Discounted to $19.00 a month)

12 Months: 2 Pairs of Socks (Billed every 12 Months) $216.00 F/S (Discounted to $18.00)


Inside my box was two pairs of men’s dress socks from Richer Poorer Inc, a company designed in California, made in Korea. My husband loves socks and he always wears a nice pair of socks with his wardrobe.  The sock expert in the family was quite impressed with the quality of socks received in a subscription box.


The first pair of socks are a deep forest green with orange polka dots. Made with 68% combed cotton, 16% polyester, 13% nylon and 3% spandex.


The second pair of socks are grey with a yellow geometric design. Made from the same components found in the first pair of socks.  I loved these the best, in fact these will disappear from my husbands sock drawer over time.

Sizing 6-12 men’s


Neither one of us were familiar with this company and I decided to search for them on the internet. They have a nice website and I was able to find both of these socks currently for sale each retailing $12.00.

I wanted to see just how much it would cost to order from Richer or Poor Inc. and with Tax and Shipping (Illinois) it would cost $30.45 for both pairs. You’re getting a great deal with a subscription from Sockwork.

What, I like most about Sockwork is every month they donate a percentage of their profits to a different Veterans charity. While corresponding with Sockwork I learned that members of their team and family members have served in the military. I have great respect for Veterans who have risked their lives to protect us and our freedom.  I don’t know about you, but I am more inclined to buy from companies who donate to charities. Sockwork donating to a different Veteran’s Charity each month is a wonderful idea. On their Twitter account they state they are Veteran and Woman Owned.

This month’s donation will go to Stop Soldier Suicide, you can read more about this charity by clicking on the link.

This would be a great subscription to give someone- it’s thinking outside the box and keeps the gift whimsical to open every month.

Perhaps a great idea for Father’s Day?

You can also receive 10% OFF your first order by using the code SOX2014.

Follow Sockwork on Facebook & Twitter 

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Father’s Day Subscription Gift Ideas

Here is a starting list of subscription boxes geared towards men. How about gifting a box for the man in your life? Father’s Day is coming soon!

Clothing, Fashion & Accessories

1.) Root Bizzle – Monthly Tie Club 1 Month $25.00, 3 Month $23.00 (Upfront) 6 Month $20.00 (Upfront) Free Shipping. Select Subscription, style profile and size ties. Discount Code: FRESH2014 at Checkout to Save 50% on your first tie.

2.) Grover- Premium Clothing Subscription, 1 Month $49.99, 6 Month $249.95 (1 Free box),12 Month $449.1 (3 Free Boxes).

3.) Trunk Club- Monthly Personal Shopper, Selects clothing based on his style. Prices Range from $100-$300.00 a month.

4.) Birch Box For Men- Monthly Grooming & Lifestyle Box. Monthly $20.00 F/S or Yearly $195.00 F/S <—best deal box cost is $16.25 a month.

5.) Curator & Mule- Seasonal Subscription $60.00 a Season. Receive 4-5 lifestyle or accessory items such as hats, sunglasses, wallets etc.

6.) Manpacks- Create Boxes filled with items such as underwear, shirts, socks, grooming etc. One Time Purchase or Quarterly Purchase. Price Varies.

7.) Sockwork: Socks with a Purpose, Monthly sock club. Receive 2 pairs of socks. Monthly $20.00 F/S, 3 Months $60.00 F/S, 6 Months $114.00 F/S or 12 Months $216.00 F/S

8.) Quarterly ($50.00-$100.00 / + $8.00 shipping) Curated items from celebrities and influential people. Examples include: Coco, Nina Garcia,Bill Nye & many more. Ships quarterly.

Food & Snacks

1.) Carnivore Club- Monthly Assortment of Hand Cured Meats. 1 Month $55, Bi-monthly or Quarterly Subscription $50.00

2.) Mantry- Food of the Month Club curated from America. Monthly Subscription $75.00 F/S

3.) Taste Trunk- Monthly Food Box. Choose from Gourmet, BBQ, Sweet or Health curated boxes. Subscriptions start at $23.99.

4.) Healthy Surprise ($40.00-$100.00 / free shipping) They do the work for you by finding healthy snacks! Full size products 11-27 products depending on the subscription you choose. Also have a chocolate box available! Three boxes to choose from Starter,Big Box or Combo. 1-3-6-12 month subscriptions available.

5.) Nature Box ($19.95-$49.95 / free shipping) Monthly subscription for Healthy snacks. Choose from 5,10 or 20 full size snack bags, customize your snacks or let Nature Box select for you.

6.) Graze ($6.00 / free shipping) Receive four perfectly portioned snacks ever 2 or 4 weeks. You can also purchase one time boxes if you want extra. Choose from two style boxes. Customize the snacks to your liking. Use my friend code to get your 1st & 5th box free:  L39C66CJP

7.) UrthBox ($19.00-$79.00 / free shipping) Monthly subscription of Healthy snacks. Boxes available in Class, Gluten-Free, Vegan or Diet. There are several different size boxes-mini,small,medium and large. 1,3,6 month plans available.

8.) Turntable Kitchen ($25.00 / + taxes, fees / free shipping) Monthly subscription box. Each month receive unique food and music pairings.


1.)Gizomo Crate- Monthly Gadget & Foodie Box. 1 Month $35.00, 3 Month $105.00 (Upfront) 6 Month $192.00 (Upfront) 12 Month $342.00 (Upfront) All Free Shipping.

Beauty & Skincare

1.) Dollar Shave Club- $1.00, $6.00 or $9.00 a month. Receive the Handle on your first box and blade replacements each month.

Health & Wellness 

1.) KlutchClub for Men- Monthly Health & Wellness Box, Receive 9-12 Products. 1 Month $10.00 + $8.00 S/H, 3 Month $9.00 + $8.00 S/H, 6 Month $8.00 + $8.00 S/H.


1.) Datelivery- Monthly Date Night Box. Plans start at $25.00 a month, Choose from 1,3, or 6 month plan. Unique home date night boxes.


1.) Mystery Tackle Box- Monthly Subscription for fishing gear. $15.00 a month, 1, 3, 6, 12 months available.


Questions? Comments? Contact Below


GrandBox Review

Growing up I was blessed with having two wonderful grandparents. They lived in Florida for most of my young life but 12 years ago they moved back to Chicago to be closer to family. Sadly, my Papa passed away in 2012 two days after 27th birthday. I am grateful to say that it took me 27 years to experience a death of a loved one, not everyone is so lucky to have their grandparents around.

Last July, my grandma moved into a condo right next door to me. After my grandpa’s passing I have made a real effort to be around her more. With grandma living next door she was able to see me physically change throughout my second and third trimester of my first pregnancy, have dinners with us, test out my cooking and her biggest joy yet – seeing her great grandson on nearly a daily basis. She refers to him as “her Benny”.  We sit together and open up subscription boxes and review them- she gets a real kick out of them and benefits from sampling or keeping a few of the products. I love hearing her opinions sometimes they crack me up and the generation gap hits you right in the face, other times she makes valid points on certain products.

When I started this blog, searching for different companies, I came across Grandbox which made me smile. There are countless subscription boxes geared towards food, fashion, crafts, travel, moms, babies, and men but how about for the generation of those  we call grandma and grandpa? Not everyone is fortunate to have grandma and grandpa around so this would be great for a special elder in your life. Family is important and what a great way to show someone how much you care for them. I can imagine how this will bring smiles and happiness to the hearts of grandparents,greats aunts, moms and dads all around the country.

What I love more importantly about this subscription box is they don’t send out a box just filled with goodies. Instead, you can include photos and letters inside the box that are customized for your grandparent. Now, that is a personal touch that you won’t find in many other subscription services.

When I told my grandma that they had a subscription box for grandparents and Grandbox would kindly send out a box for us to review, she was estatic. In fact, for a couple of days all she kept talking about what could possibly be in there? We tossed a few ideas back and forth and just waited for the box to arrive.


The day came and the box arrived- I knocked on her door and handed her the box and said “you can go ahead and open this one”.  I was anxious to see her expression and initially spent more time watching her than what was pulled from the box.


The first thing she saw was the old fashioned newspaper tissue paper which she said reminded her of those from years past, specifically the print style and advertisements. We both really loved the newspaper- what a simple touch to take grandma back to a different time. I think using plain tissue paper wouldn’t have made the same impact for this kind of box.

20140420_094353 <—–Family Photos

She put on her glasses and folded back the tissue and exclaimed, “Oh, how lovely” as she put her hand on her chest as she pulled out pictures of our family.  Included were photos from specific events: weddings, birthdays, get-togethers, etc… Prior to sending the box, GrandBox contacted me and stated that I could add photos to put in our box, I really loved that they took the time to reach out to me even though this box was for a review.

20140420_094443 <—– Grandma’s “Benny”

After she made a few remarks about the recent joyful times in our family she picked up something wrapped in tissue paper. When she opened it up, she said, “how adorable is this?”  Inside was a sturdy black picture frame containing my son’s 5-month picture. She was blown away by the pictures and told me that this would make anyone happy to receive photos of their loved ones.


Next in the box were notecards, envelopes, postage stamps and a pen. The notecards were cute – feminine and perfect for sending a note. Grandma really liked this idea, not only could she sit and write a note to her sister or nephew in California but she now had extra pictures of the family to share. Grandma made sure to mention how the stamps were an ingenious idea. Not every person has stamps available and what about the people who are too old to go to the store to get stamps.


The final gift inside the box was Tazo Calming Chamomile tea.  Perfect for any grandma, right?  Grandma said, “well now I can sit and sip my tea, look at photos and write letters.”



20140423_203235 <—–Grandma


If you ask me, Grandbox nailed this one! I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with this box. Grandbox carefully selects curated items for your loved one. Inside could be sweets, beauty products, or certain necessities – each box being different. You can look here to see pictures of different boxes.

Joe Yeoman and Andy Papier are behind this great idea for a grandparent box. The idea came from time spent with their grandma’s and they wanted a way to connect with loved ones everywhere.

Check out Grandbox’s website for additional information

Like Grandbox on Facebook or Follow on Twitter

Subscriptions: Free Shipping in U.S.

1 Month: $33.00

3 Months: $94.50

6 Months: $180.00

12 Months: $342.00

Questions? Comments? Contact Below

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Pop Sugar Must Have- April 2014

April 10th, 2014

Next weekend is my birthday and thus being said, I am going to pretend that every item that comes in the mail is a gift for my birthday…so thank you Pop Sugar for your gift!

I have been receiving Must Have Pop Sugar boxes since September of 2013. This just started as treat for myself. I was able to justify the cost of $39.95  monthly because I curtailed going out to shop before and after my son was born in October. I wish that I had started this blog sooner to share the items that arrived in the previous months. Today happens to be the first Pop Sugar box that I get to review.

I am so happy to share April’s box with all of you, by far the best Pop Sugar of the New Year!





As soon as I woke up this morning I went to look outside my door. Our doorman is prompt with package deliveries and I knew it would be sitting there. I grabbed my baby and knocked on my 81-year old grandma’s door who happens to be our neighbor. Grandma helps me review my boxes and this subscription company is one of her favorites. There wasn’t much, “hello, how are you?” it was more like, “sit down, what’s in that box!”


Nature Box included custom-created trail mix called the POPSUGAR Must Have Mix. This trail mix contains almonds, soybeans, corn and cranberries. Nature Box has it’s own monthly subscription company; what a great way to cross-promote and market to a new audience. Nature Box stays away from high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetners, colorings, flavors and other not-so-good-for-you chemicals. This mix is tasty and it has only 130 calories, 115mg of Sodium and 6 grams of fat per serving. Coincidentally, I should be receiving a Nature Box next week. Right now, you can go onto the Nature Box website and order your first box at 50% off with “POPSUGAR” code. It applies to any Nature Box boxes. ($5.00)



An adorable set of tea towels from an Esty shop called Freshpastrystand was next. One towel says “Totally” and the other “Awesome”.  How fun! These are handmade, contain a water-based ink and are completely lint free which is great for drying glasses. These towels are adorable and how perfect would this be for a hostess gift or even as an extra bridal shower gift? Oh how..about for Mother’s Day? ($18.00)



When I saw this next item I knew the value of the box was equal to what I paid just by this make up palette. Too Faced Make Up has been a staple in my make up bag for years from lipsticks to eyeshadows – it is a fabulous brand. This palette is called Natural Eyes and the colors are beautiful, it’s perfect for my fair skin color too. It contains nine different shades of eyeshadow ranging from tans to browns and even some shimmery pinks.  Included is a how-to guide for creating stunning eyes. ($36.00)



My husband and I try hard to be eco-friendly and take reusable shopping bags with us when we go for groceries. Future trips to the store will now include my floral print collapsible tote bag from BlueAvocado. This shopper was co-designed by Lauren Conrad and is useful to carry just about anything. Made from upcycled (recycling to produce a better product) plastic bottles and folds into a wallet sized pouch. For me, this bag is perfect as a diaper bag- it’s so lightweight and won’t kill my shoulder if it just contained a few baby neccessities. ($25.00)


Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap was next in my box of goodies. The hand soap has a lovely scent and the soap it self is thicker which shows quality compared to the name brand grocery store hand soaps. I’ll be putting this soap in our guest bathroom to share. ($10.50)


Sadly, these boxes are not bottomless and have to end at some point.  My last item was a pocket notebook from Graphic Image. It’s a shame that in today’s world we are dependent on our smart phones to hold every important piece of information from: calendar reminders, addresses and to-do-lists. This is a nice reminder of what it was like when you relied on pen and paper to jot down notes. It is a quality notebook, with acid free paper, a flexible cover and tipped with silver edges. It fits nicely in a purse. ($20.00) <—This will be a MAY GIVE AWAY.

It’s safe to say that this was an excellent box! Filled with some fun new goodies to play with.  For the record, grandma liked the tea towels and tote bag the best.

The entire box retailed $ 114.50 just for$39.95! If you pre-pay for a 3, 6, 12 month subscription you will receive a discount.

Stay Tuned because next week arrives the Spring Special Edition Box from Must Have Pop Sugar 

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5 Beauty Subscription Boxes Under $10.00

5 Beauty Boxes Under $10.00

1.) Ipsy- Monthly make up and beauty subscription box. Receive 4-5 deluxe samples and full size products along with a make up bag. Free Shipping to United States. Additional Shipping to Canada.$10.00

2.) Birchbox- Monthly subscription or pay a yearly subscription upfront and receive one free box. Contains beauty and make up samples along with the occasional full size product.  $10.00

3.) Lip Monthly- Monthly, 4 or 12 month subscription available. Receive 2-3 lip products. $10.00 Free Shipping

4.) Color Me Monthly-  Monthly, 6 or 12 month subscription available. Receive trendy nail polish. $7.00 Free Shipping

5.) Nailette- Monthly or Every other Month subscription available. Receive mini nail polish that lasts 8-12 applications. $9.99 Free Shipping


Wantable Make Up- April’s Review

April 7th, 2014

Wantable offers three types of subscriptions: Accessories, Make Up and Intimates. All boxes are priced at $36.00 for a subscription or $40.00 for a one-time purchase, both choices offer free shipping.

If you don’t like the box you received, Wantable allows you to return it. Being able to return your box is an added benefit that most subscription companies don’t offer. Additionally, should you desire to skip a month or cancel Wantable provides the option to do so.

Wantable offers the opportunity to complete a style profile for each type of box. The style profile works this way – you are shown a picture of an item and rate it on a sliding scale ranging from love it to dislike it. Based on your ratings, Wantable is able to send items you truly desire and you are not left receiving something which does not match your taste or style. I assume this also keeps their returns to a minimum.

I started experimenting with make up in middle school but it wasn’t until high school that I started wearing make up everyday. Even now, years after high school and college I still love playing with make up. With age, you tweak your style, learn new tips and and evolve into wearing make up that best suits you. Even on days that I am staying home I still put on a little make up to make me feel better and it works every time.


After filling out my make up profile on Wantable, I was anxious to see what they would send for such a fair-skinned girl like myself. To their credit, every product sent was a perfect fit for my coloring!


The first item I pulled out of my box was a compressed mineral blush from La Bella Donna. It has a lovely warm peach hue which will high light my cheek bones nicely for the Spring and Summer months. This mineral blush is lightweight and formulated to give your cheeks a healthy and all natural glow. ($27.00 La Bella Donna )


Next out of my box was eyeliner from Cailyn Cosmetics. This black eyeliner pencil has the intensity of a liquid liner with the ease of a pencil. I tried this out and it has a nice rich black color making my eyes pop out quite nicely. ( $7.00 Cailyn Cosmetics)


Normally, I am a lip balm person for every day use but I do put on lipstick when I have something to do or attend an event. My third item was a nice subtle apricot color lipstick from DEX New York called Court Street Apricot. This color is perfect for everyday wear and I may even start wearing lipstick a bit more often then usual. ($22.00 DEX New York)


Of all the different types of make up on the market, I probably spend the most amount of money on mascara. If you are anything like me, you’ve spent a good time searching for a mascara that flatters your lashes, doesn’t clump and is reasonably priced. Right now, I switch back and forth between two mascaras – one on the higher end of price spectrum and the other, the low end and have been using them religiously for years. The last item in my box was black Extreme Volumizing Mascara from Sorme. This mascara helps your lashes get a full maximum look while it conditioning and strengthening. Extreme Volumizing Mascara contains Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E- all designed to nourish your lash. I did give this a try over the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised, it did not clump or smear and my lashes truly looked fuller. ($19.00 Sears)

This box retailed $75.00, an excellent deal (more than double) for the subscription price of $36.00. This is make up that I will use and look forward to wearing.

Questions ? Comments ? Contact me!

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Blind Surprise- March Box


**Update: April 8th ,2014** After posting my review on Blind Surprise via Twitter and Facebook, I was contacted through email by Blind Surprise. As previously mentioned, I loved both items in my box: the Wine2Go tumbler and the Baggu reusable bag. My disappointment came from the perceived value.

Blind Surprise reached out to me to explain the value in their box and what I failed to recognize in my review was the extra cost for the monogram on the wine tumbler. The steps to personalize each tumbler does increase the overall price of the product. They have chosen a company that provides them with excellent service with their monogramming and after looking at the tumbler again- I realize that.

This will not be a product that chips away after a few uses. I overlooked this, and after receiving their email it is clear that Blind Surprise is a company that not only values their products but their clients as well. They did not have to contact me or could have dismissed my review but Blind Surprise did not. That says a lot about this company! I also want to say thank you for the kind words regarding my review that was noted in their email to me, it was great to be recognized! **

April 7th, 2014

Blind Surprise offers a one, three, or six-month subscription for $25.00 plus shipping. You select from a list of options that best describes you or the person you are gifting. Category options range from cooking, nutrition, alcohol, working out and several other possibilities. Blind Surprise then sends out the box that best fits your personality.


Blind Surprise Box arrived this morning and I was eager to see what was inside.


The first Item inside was a Wine Tumbler from Vino2Go. This is not only a tumbler but also has a built-in wine glass. The tumbler was personalized with my name and cute polka dots which was a great touch. At first when I saw this I thought, “uh I am not going to use this” but then I started thinking how this will come in handy when we do picnics, summer concerts or even just to avoid having our little one knock over a wine glass during dinner time. Retails ($12.99 Vino2Go )


The last item in the box was a reusable Nylon bag from Baggu. This is the baby size and is the smaller version of their larger totes.  The bag is large enough to hold a lunch, maybe a few groceries, or couple small things. It is machine washable which is a plus compared to a lot of reusable bags on the market that you can only hand-wash or wipe with a damp cloth. ($7.00 Baggu)

Sadly, there were only two items in this box. I believe that there should be at least one more item to justify the cost of this box.

After doing a little research and checking out other reviews- it seems like women basically got the same items from March, a Baggu and some type of a personalized tumbler.

I am disappointed in the value of this box. For $25.00 plus $5.00 for shipping, this box came to $19.99. Just one more item in the box would have changed my opinion. I still like the idea but cannot justify paying more for the box then what I would have paid in the retail store. Let me make it clear that the items in the box were great, I have a use for them, just the overall value was disappointing.

In their FAQ- it states that you will receive 1-3 items valuing $20-$30 with Free Shipping. I do recall being charged shipping. I’ll have to check on that.

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FabFitFun- Spring Edition 2014

April 6th, 2014

Fab Fit Fun is exactly what it sounds like. This is a curated box put together by style host Guliana Rancic. Fab Fit Fun boxes ship each quarter which is great for someone who loves beauty, wellness products and accessories with out having to commit to a monthly subscription. Each box is $49.99 and free shipping.

If you want to sign up for their Summer box, you can use coupon code SUMMER5 and save $5.00- Must use by July 15th, 2014

20140406_114001 20140406_114747

I received my Fab Fit Fun box for Spring 2014 and wait until you see all the great gifts inside!!!


Ordinarily, my mini make up bag contains a couple of perfume samples from department stores, perfect for when you need a refresh when your out and about. Fab Fit Fun included a Perfume oil by Kai. This is a roll-on oil perfume and the scent is amazing, very fresh and Spring like. It has a beautiful floral smell that is not at all over powering. I didn’t think I would enjoy this because I am suspect about the scents that come from roll-ons.  However, once I put it on it smells great! Kai says to roll it on your pulse points and claims it will smell different on everyone. What a lovely smell for Spring and definitely something I will throw into my on the go make up bag. This is a full-size bottle ($48.00 Nordstrom)


I’ve been blessed with really great skin and it’s probably because I am so fair that the sun is my enemy. Wearing sunscreen is something I do quite often in the summer months and I am always using an SPF moisturizer on my face. Cover FX is an SPF 30 Protection Primer that is water resistant, hydrates and smooths skin to extend your make up wear. I try to use products with the least amount of chemicals and this is a Vegan, paraben-free, fragrance free, gluten free, mineral oil free and talc free. It will be great for your skin. Included Full Size ($38.00)


Spring means it’s your last chance to get in shape before summer comes. Inside my box was a Merrithew Mini Stability ball and DVD. This ball and dvd will help you build core stability, stamina and resilience. It will also help you improve your posture and breathing. Retails ($28.94) **** This is an April GIVE AWAY****


Exfoliation is an important shower routine for me- at least once or twice a week I use a scrub to exfoliate my skin and I always feel wonderful afterwards. I’ve used Exfoliating mitts in past and have found them not to work or last more than a few uses. Inside my Fab Fit Fun box was a Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt. All you have to do is put the mitt over your hand and buff away dead skin cells. We will have to see just how good this item is. If your interested in purchasing you can get 25% off your order with code FFFVIP25 expires 12/31/14. Retails ($19.99)


When I saw the next item, I found myself with a love-hate opinion. Cult Gaia Turband, is a wrap headband- part turban, part headband. It has a wire like structure to wrap around your head and tie it in a knot like a turban. This style and print is not my cup of tea but the more I looked at it I started to like it. I put it on for my husband and thought I would get a crack or a laugh but no..he said I looked cute in it! I wore it for my mom and she said I looked like Rosie the Riveter. Honestly, this is going to get used- though I may not wear it out to restaurants or the mall.  But for activities like tanning on my balcony, going to the farmers markets, or taking my baby to the park, this is great. According to other receivers of this box we got different prints, I wish I would have received the blue and white polka dot but I will make due with this one. Retails ($48.00)


Next in my box was Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray. This is a dry shampoo that helps you maintain your mane for a couple of days without having to wash your hair. Sprays on clear and helps to absorb excess oil while vitamin E and wheat proteins strengthen hair while volumizing your hair. Interested in a purchase? Use code FabFit20 for 20% off your next purchase. Retails ($25.00 Sephora) ****This is an April GIVE AWAY ITEM****


Back in my early post college days, I worked for a bath company that sold shower bombs. Not everyone is familiar with shower bombs and if you haven’t tried them you should, it’s a fun little shower treat. Level Naturals Shower Bombs change your shower from boring to refreshing. All you have to do is drop one in the bottom of your shower and  be amazed as the organic menthol and eucalyptus work with the shower steam to create a spa like experience. Full Size, 4 bombs ($7.99)


Lastly, a new chip ( I love me some chips!) to try from The Better Chip Spinach and Kale with Sea Salt. Contains natural ingredients, non-GMO verified and gluten free. Contains 7g of fat, 130 Calories, 100mg of Sodium and 0g of Sugar, I munched on these as a wrote my review and found them to be delicious! I bet you can’t tell, I took a picture of an empty bag of chips! Retail ($1.99)


Drum Roll Please………Remember this box sells for $49.99 with free shipping……the total value of this box is $217.91. Now that is a deal!  Don’t forget the Mini Stability Ball, dvd & The Dry Shampoo are all give away items, but you have to be a fan on Facebook to win!

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Wantable Accessories-April’s Box

April 4th, 2014

Wantable offers three types of subscriptions: Accessories, Make Up and Intimates. All boxes are priced at $36.00 for a subscription or $40.00 for a one-time purchase, both choices offer free shipping.

If you don’t like the box you received, Wantable allows you to return it. Being able to return your box is an added benefit that most subscription companies don’t offer. Additionally, should you desire to skip a month or cancel Wantable provides the option to do so.

Wantable offers the opportunity to complete a style profile for each type of box. The style profile works this way – you are shown a picture of an item and rate it on a sliding scale ranging from love it to dislike it. Based on your ratings, Wantable is able to send items you truly desire and you are not left receiving something which does not match your taste or style. I assume this also keeps their returns to a minimum.


When opening April’s box, I was greeted by an array of colors: yellow, purple, orange and blue. The Ella Scarf, is lovely, lightweight with a bold and bright chevron print. Has a bit of a Boho feel to it, would work great as an accessory at any Summer concert. As much as I love infinity scarves – and I do – (if you read my first Wantable post) I will have to tweak my settings so I am not receiving a scarf every single month.  ($22.00)

I am dreading writing the rest of this review- I want to love everything all the time, but sometimes I just can’t.  Unfortunately, this was not the best Wantable Accessories box for me. I pulled out the two black felt bags and couldn’t wait to see what was inside. I loved March’s box so much that I thought this one will be awesome.


Out of the first bag came a chunky, white, geometric stretch bracelet with a gold tone backing called The Brita Bracelet. It has an incredibly cheap plastic-like feel to it.  Although, it is comfortable on the wrist and the bracelet is cute the quality could have been better. Had it been more substantially constructed, I would love the bracelet; however, it just feels as though it could break easily.  In all honesty, it would look cute with a dress or shorts and a cute print top but I just feel as though it could snap and break off my wrist especially if my son was grabbing at it. Wantable valued this bracelet at $17.00 which in my personal opinion is way over the top. I wouldn’t have paid more than $7.00 for this bracelet.


In the second bag was another bracelet.  The Miranda Bracelet is a wrap-style made of taupe, tan, cream and iridescent crystal beading. This bracelet has a nice fit on the wrist and the beads do sparkle in the light. On the negative side, I feel as though the beads look cheap and the wrap-style has a “pre-teen” look to it.  Similar to the first bracelet, I felt this one was over valued at $16.00- I would think more around the $8.00 range.


Also in the second felt bag was an Adriana Ring. The ring is a silver-tone with accented rhinestones, intersecting loop design and light in weight. I do like the design of this ring, it is listed as a size 7 but it is too small for my size 6 finger. Wantable missed the mark on pricing this one too. It’s retail value is 12.00- I never would have paid more than $5.00 for this ring.

After I received my March’s accessories box I changed my settings in hopes of receiving different jewelry- maybe a pair of earrings or a necklace. Instead, I received the scarf, two bracelets and a ring.


The value of the box retailed for $67.00- If you have never received a Wantable box don’t dismiss them because of this review. I really loved my March box and with subscription boxes you have to understand that these have a “surprise element” and sometimes they miss the mark. Just remember, Wantable, unlike other subscription boxes will allow you to return your box if you are not happy. That is a huge plus in my book.

Sadly for me, I will be returning this box for my refund and will update with the process.  I have not given up on Wantable – I will be ordering another box in the near future.  Unfortunately, with this box, I feel they just missed the mark.

**Update on Returns** You need to go to your account and look for your most recent shipments and select return. Just takes a couple of minutes, then you will receive a return label via email. Free Return

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** Second Spoiler Alert ** April Give Away

April’s Give Away will also feature Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo $25.00 value!!! This was Featured in FabFitFun along with the Stability Ball that is also included in April’s Give Away!!


Stay tuned for your chance to win and important details!!

Contest Begins April 15th!!!

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**Spoiler Alert** April’s Give Away

April’s Monthly Give Away will contain a Merrithew Mini Stability Ball & DVD! This great work out item was featured in FabFitFun’s Spring Box!

A $22.99 value!!

Stay tuned for contest information and more Spoilers!!

Contest will start on April 15th, 2014!!

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KLUTCHclub-March Mom’s Box

KLUTCHclub is a monthly subscription box featuring healthy, holistic and fitness related products. Products range anywhere from food, workout products, vitamins or beauty products. KLUTCHclub offers a subscription box for women, men and mom’s.

1 month subscription: $10.00 + $8.00 for s/h

3 month subscription: $9.00 + $8.00 for s/h

6 month subscription: $8.00 + $8.00 for s/h

U.S. Shipping Only

If you read my review on KLUTCHclub posted earlier, my general consensus was “so-so”…I had another box waiting for a review and after returning to examine all the items in the KLUTCHclub box, I was quite happy with what I found inside!


As stated previously, there was no paperwork but after some research I believe this is the Mom’s Box for February or March. I wish KlutchClub would include a note or a product list like other subscription boxes.  It is nice to be able to read a little synopsis about each product.

How many of us women out there have spent an astronomical amount of money on weight loss products?  I know I have – drinks, diet pills and fad diets – nothing worked.  Or, I should say nothing kept the weight off except good old fashion dieting and exercise. I worked my butt off to get in shape for my wedding back in November of 2012 and I rocked it!  Then a little surprise came and he was born in October of 2013, and with his happy little face came extra baby weight. Though my excess weight is slowly coming off, this change in weather has motivated me to get rid of the rest!  Let’s face it, a lot of us go into winter hibernation, especially those of us in northern climates.


Inside my KLUTCHclub box was a package of 28 strawberry melon flavored soft chews from FRS. These are not the greatest-tasting chews in the world but they are not awful.  They almost have a taffy-like texture to them – chewy but easy to swallow.  These chews – labeled as appetite control & natural energy – are supposed to support weight loss and help you feel fuller faster along with boosting energy levels. They are gluten free, contain no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors and also have seven essential vitamins. Instructions explain to take two chews 30-60 min before each of your two primary meals (breakfast & dinner for me). I am anxious to see if these really work, anything that doesn’t involve me skipping a meal or padlocking my fridge is a plus for me. ($19.20 from Iherb)


I’ve never seen the next product before and am anxious to give them a try – All Natural, Intelligent Protein Snacks (IPS) Egg White Chips with aged white cheddar. Our pantry is never bare of potato chips and I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur.  These chips are made from egg whites and corn; they are gluten free and have no artificial colors or flavors and contain 7g of protein. In a 1oz bag there are 130 calroies, 5g of fat, 240mg of sodium and only 1g of sugar. ($1.66 approx a bag for 1oz Amazon)


Raspberry Ketones (30 capsules) from Puritans Pride were next in my KLUTCHclub box. I had to do a little research about Raspberry Ketones since I have never heard of them before. Raspberry ketones are a supplement made from a compound of red raspberries, which helps break up your fat cells more effectively making your body burn fat faster. You do need to eat a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly for this to help you. Take one a day. Check out Dr. Oz for more information. ($9.99)


When I buy groceries I am constantly looking at a product’s sugar content and sodium. I rarely buy anything that is high in sodium or has a lot of sugar unless I am splurging and just craving something oh so delicious. Think Thin Chunky Peanut Butter Bar is a high protein bar containing 20g of protein. Gluten free, the bar surprisingly has 0g of sugar. A little higher on the fat side at 9g, one serving is 240 calories and 240mg of sodium. I can picture eating this as an energy recharger or a meal replacement. I like the lack of sugar and that it could fill the craving for a candy bar should my sweet tooth appear.  I definitely will share it with my peanut butter-loving husband. ($1.99 per bar)


Next inside was a crunch bar consisting of coconut, chocolate, and mixed nuts.  This too is a Think Thin product though much, much smaller than their peanut butter bar. It contains 7g of sugar, 9g of protein and 4g of fiber. ($1.62 per bar)


My KLUTCHclub box included a 3 fl oz of Wheatgrass Boost from Argo Labs. I am not too familiar with wheatgrass, so I researched the benefits of this product and found that it contains Chlorophyll, which is found in living plants. Chlorophyll is an important blood-builder, it neutralizes toxins in your body, purifies the liver (maybe good after a night of drinking) and helps improve blood sugar problems. You can read more here. This product is expensive for one shot ($3.49 per bottle). I don’t think this is something that will make its way into my daily routine as the benefits are not fully reaped unless drunk regularly. **Update** I just tried this out and No Thank you - it has a very putrid taste.


Core Power included a full size 11.5 fl oz strawberry banana protein drink in this month’s KLUTCHclub. A natural, high protein milk shake containing 20g of protein. It has 3.5g of fat, 150 calories and 11g of sugar. Core Power uses real milk, helps build lean muscle, contains natural ingredients, is lactose-free, and no powders or preservatives.  They claim it does not have a chalky taste – we’ll see – my husband and I drink protein shakes in the morning and I will be happy to give this a try after I take my little guy for our morning workout walk. ($35.99 for 12pk Amazon about $3.00 per bottle)


I also received a lentil and rice kit from Jaali Bean. This is considered the ultimate Indian comfort food. I have never been a fan of Indian food but we will give this a try for  a side dish at dinner. My mom truly appreciates the flavors of Indian food, we will have to invite her over to give this a try. Orange lentils blended with long grain rice and fragrant spices will be sure to give a nice flavor. This lentil kit has 150 calories, 0g of fat and 440mg of Sodium (personally that is a bit high in sodium for me) ($5.00 per box Amazon)


Lastly, some bites to help you when you just need that little extra burst of energy from Kickbutt Energy Ballz. This is a chocolate, honey and caramel chewable ball with a grape coating. You can eat 1-2 balls before doing anything physical or that requires energy. Unfortunately, these are a no for me. I didn’t enjoy the taste. My husband tried the second one and found them to have a bitter aftertaste. I couldn’t find exact pricing so I will value this somewhere between $1.25-$2.25

Overall, I was very happy with promotional box for  KLUTCHclub. This box valued approximately $47.00 based on pricing I found on the web. If you would have purchased the one-time subscription box it would have cost you $18.00 with shipping and handling.  By those calculations, you have more than doubled your value.

Want to learn more or subscribe click here KLUTCHclub

Remember I am not Physician- consult your Doctor if you have questions regarding your health and products listed on my blog.

Comments, Questions, Thoughts?!?! Please contact me!

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KLUTCHclub- March

KLUTCHclub is a monthly subscription box featuring healthy, holistic and fitness related products. Products range anywhere from food, work out products, vitamins and beauty. KLUTCHclub offers a subscription box for women, men and mom’s.

1 month subscription: $10.00 + $8.00 for s/h

3 month subscription: $9.00 + $8.00 for s/h

6 month subscription: $8.00 + $8.00 for s/h

U.S. Shipping Only

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get fit or healthy? Did you realize it’s April and still haven’t started or achieved that goal yet? KLUTCHclub would be a great way to try a few products out without having to commit to the price of a full size product and see what might help you achieve the lifestyle you are looking for.


This box arrived today- this is a February or March box, unfortunately, I do not have any paper work confirming who this box is actually for women, men or moms.


Runa Energy Tea “Ginger-Citrus”- For focused energy, twice the antioxidants of green tea, naturally sweet & has caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee. ($7-9.00 Amazon)


Premier Protein “Cookies & Cream” Protein Bar- 15g of protein, 7g of fiber, Gluten Free, no artificial flavors or colors, 8g of sugar and 190 calories ($25.95 for 18bars)


Popchips “Barbeque”- All natural, no preservatives, artificial flavors, colors or cholesterol. Gluten Free. 3g of fat, 100 calories, 2g of Sugar (check local grocery store)


Aquatowel “Personal Towel”- Personal towel for hands, face and body. Great for post work-out sweat or a quick refresh. ($2.50 starting)


Zarbee’s Naturals “Seasonal Relief”- Non-drowsy,natural, gluten free and dairy free. Uses extract from the Butterbur plant which is PA-safe and clinically proven to work fast to aid in pollen and congestion. ($8.99)


Manitoba Harvest ” Hemp Pro 70 & Hemp Hearts Shelled Hemp Seeds”- Protein powder to mix in drink, 140 calories, 4.5g fat, 2g of sugar and raw shelled hemp seeds to sprinkle on cereal, salad and yogurt, 170 calories, 13g fat, Less than 1g of sugar. ($29.99 for Hemp Pro 70 & $2.99 & up for Hemp Hearts)


OMG Sport Spray “Deodorize Spray, Mint”- Multi purpose spray, use on everything in gym bag wait for it to dry and then wash your products. ($12.95)


Radius “Cranberry Floss”- Replaces traditional wax floss, USA grown unsweetened cranberry essence. Helps prevent gum disease. Vegan. ($2.99 & up)


Boxed Water “Water”- Replaces plastic water bottles, eco friendly, made from 76% renewable resources. <——-my favorite product in the box! ($12.00 for 12pk or $24.00 for 24pk)

This was a so-so box. I am interested in trying a few of the products out but nothing in the box was that exciting except the boxed water.  Can’t wait to see what is in my other KLUTCHclub waiting for me on the counter!

What are your thoughts and opinions? Please feel free to comment!

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NOLA- Hazel Lane March

April 8th,2014

I’ve never been to New Orleans, so why not bring a piece of New Orleans to me?  Cue the jazz bands and toss me some Mardi Gras beads and now I have a craving for Zatarains…ah come on…you know that commercial is going to get stuck in your head!

Hazel Lane features a different city every month. Select one of their three sizes, mini ($19.99), City Explorer ($39.99), or  Deluxe ($59.99) – you can buy a one-time box for a taste of that month’s featured city or sign-up for a subscription and experience a new city each month. How cool is that? You get to explore and never have to leave your couch.

When my package arrived, I already knew that I wasn’t going to like the presentation. It was sent in a soft mailer that my mailman just shoved in my mail box, which, in turn, bent everything that wasn’t solid. Hazel Lane, break my heart, can you please put “do not bend” on your mailers?

20140325_161141 20140325_161148

The presentation indeed wasn’t that great.  I opened it up to find my items were wrapped in brown paper enclosed with a sticker and the ends exposed. I wish they would have sent it in a corrugated box with some crinkly stuffer- it would would have looked so much cuter and my stuff wouldn’t have been bent. Oh well- I’ll move on.





Hazel Lane included a personalized Handwritten postcard from the co-founders Sam & Ash. Honestly, I love stuff like that! If you have read any of my past reviews you know that  I am big on customer service.  That kind of personal touch you receive doesn’t make you feel like just another customer.


My first item was from Blue Frog Chocolate, it was a cute milk chocolate alligator paired with a chocolate coin wrapped in purple foil. This is a perfect play on Louisiana and the swampy bayous. May I add this was delicious?  I opened it up right away and ate half.  The plan was to save the other half for my husband but it was taunting me and consumed it a few minutes later. ($8.50)


The second item was a JBrewton NOLA Print. I wasn’t really happy with this item. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good artist and creative artwork.  The print is a layout of New Orleans wards which I found interesting since I have not been to the Big Easy.  However, my issue was it was printed on HP paper and valued at $15,00. It is the same type of HP paper I use to print out pictures on my home printer. Plus, due to the way this package was mailed, it arrived bent. If it would have had a cardboard backing and encased in clear plastic, it may not have been damaged. Again, I do like the print, it is colorful and makes me want to discover the wards of New Orleans.


I’m saving the best for last. I truly mean it! The final item was a body spray from Cake Face called “Hangover”. I will admit, it’s been a while since my last hangover; but boy after smelling this scent, I wish I had this product all through my college and pre-baby days. This product is made from distilled water, with Cake Face’s original blend of homegrown herbal hydrosois and essential oils. The spray is 100% natural, handmade, and get this – Vegan. It has an incredible smell, I can’t exactly pinpoint it but there has to be rosemary and mint somewhere in that mix. What a pick-me-up, it really does refresh you! After every shower, I have sprayed this on me and even refreshed myself throughout the day. I’ve sprayed it on my pillows. Seriously, I cannot get enough of this product!  Can you tell I love “Hangover”? ($8.00)



The NOLA box is listed as a $31.50 value.  I loved the chocolate and the body spray, these were excellent items.  While I did like the print, I do not think the overall “value” is $15.00. I like this company and would enjoy exploring more cities; for those interested, Hazel Lane takes you to Brooklyn in April.

**UPDATE: Oddly enough, as I was writing this review I received a mass e-mail from Hazel Lane stating that items will be shipped in their new 100% recycled boxes in April.  If you do sign-up for a subscription, you will have the option to cancel or skip a month by e-mailing Hazel Lane customer service.

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Hammock Pack- March Review


Hammock Pack is a vacation-in-a-box subscription service, each month featuring a different location or destination theme. $25.00 a month plus $5.00 for shipping.

I’ve never been to the Great White North….Canada that is. Although I was only two hours from the border while in college, a Canadian weekend was never a go.


This month included products from Canada’s artisan scene. A few names have popped up in other boxes, so being honest, I wasn’t overly excited with this box.


Writing has always been a passion of mine. Buried in my closets are journals from my childhood and writing classes I took in college. That being said, the first item out of my box was a EcotJot Journal by an artist featured from Scarborough, Ontario. Eco-friendly, which is always a plus, this journal is made out of recycled paper. ($10.00)


I received a pair of Mercantile 519 earrings in this month’s box. Oddly enough I have already received a pair in a different color from another subscription box and was not overly excited to see these.  They are cute but one pair for me is enough. ($6.00)


You can always win this girl over with chocolate. Next in my box was a nice sized chocolate bar from Awake Caffeinated Milk Chocolate Bar. I am sure this won’t last long in our house as someone will be getting their sticky paws on this candy bar. ($2.00)


Two samples of Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing cloths were also included. I have received Kaia products before from other boxes and am happy with them. These are made from 100% biodegradable bamboo for cleansing your face  ($2.00-3.00)


The final item in my box was Good Energy tea from Tealish. Made from black and green teas, fruit, and yerba mate guarana seeds, this mix is designed to provide energy. The tea bags are biodegradable. ($10.95)

After reviewing the items of the box, I was not overly excited with my first Hammock Pack. I will be receiving a box for April & May and hopefully they will contain items that will pique my interest.

The box retail value came to $31.95. I paid $30.00 with shipping.

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Wantable Accessories- March 2014

What girl doesn’t love receiving jewelry? I prefer diamonds, but since that’s not realistic nor economical I’ll settle for a monthly box that sends me jewelry. Not only is this a great subscription to purchase for yourself or a friend…it’s not a bad idea to drop hints *nudge, nudge* to your husband, boyfriend or partner!

Wantable offers three types of subscriptions: Accessories, Make Up and Intimates. All boxes are priced at $36.00 for a subscription or $40.00 for a one-time purchase, both choices offer free shipping.

If you don’t like the box you received, Wantable allows you to return it. Being able to return your box is a added benefit that most subscription companies don’t offer. Additionally, should you desire to skip a month or cancel Wantable provides the option to do so.

Wantable offers the opportunity to complete a style profile for each type of box.  The style profile works this way – you are shown a picture of an item and rate it on a sliding scale ranging from love it to dislike it. Based on your ratings, Wantable is able to send items you truly desire and you are not left receiving something which does not match your taste or style. I assume this also keeps their returns to a minimum.



My box arrived quickly through the United States Postal Service. Greeting me was a pleasant note wrapped over the items reading, “it’s a pleasure to meet you”.  Inside the box was a personalized sticker stating this box was packed specifically for me, this is a great personal touch. While it is a small thing, it does make it feel as though the box was a gift to me rather than being randomly picked off a shelf in a warehouse. Included was an invoice which provided a description of the jewelry, the retail pricing of each item as well as pairing tips for completing the perfect looks.


Although I was getting ready to leave, there was no way I was going to let that box sit and wait until I got back home. Let’s get real….I was anxious to see what was inside!


Waiting for me, was a beautiful white and turquoise striped infinity style scarf.  Lightweight, soft and chic; the Harper Scarf is a great for spring and summer.  Hanging in my closet are at least 75 scarves, I absolutely adore them and wear a different one every single day. This is a great addition to my collection and one I look forward to wearing. ($24.00)



A black, velvet-style jewelry bag with a “W” was positioned underneath the scarf. Inside was an American Flag watch called “The Kelsey Watch” with a navy leatherette wrist band and a brushed gold tone frame. At first glance, I wasn’t thrilled with it and dismissed it as curiosity lead me to the next item. Not until I came back home and looked at my jewelry again did I find myself falling in love with it.  Normally, rustic Americana isn’t my style…but thanks to these boxes, I am learning to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. I have loved watches since I was a young girl and they are a staple of my wardrobe, I feel naked if I leave the house without one.  It’s perfect for the 4th of July! Accessories make the outfit and my new American Flag motif will look great with a pair of shorts and brushed gold tone accent jewelry. ($25.00)




A similar, smaller jewelry bag was lying next to the watch bag. A gold-tone chain and black-beaded pull-tie bracelet were inside. When I reviewed the invoice, the picture of the bracelet did not match the one I received. I emailed Wantable asking if I received the correct bracelet and as I type this, I have not heard back.  I will update when they contact me.  The bracelet I did receive has a nice weight to it and an intricate design. Perfect for a dress down outfit, skinny jeans, stillhetos, and a cute top or even something a little more dressier, like a sexy little black dress. It is easy to put on and pull the ties with one hand to tighten or loosen. I am not able to note the price nor do I know the name of the bracelet until I hear back from Wantable. They have the “Kori Bracelet” with an art deco description retailing for ($18.00)



Lastly, a fun, little ring fell out of the bag. The Cayla is an arrow-inspired open ring which has a nice, edgy feel to it. I’ve never worn a ring of this style before and look forward to pairing it with a cute outfit. The ring fits well and is not heavy despite looking like it would be. On a side note, the ring pairs quite nicely with the bracelet. ($8.00)

Wantable WON me over with a big fat capital “W”. Updating your accessories, trying new styles and keeping up with the trends are a great way to show off your personality and fashion flair. Plus, I don’t know about you but it makes me feel good to have something shiny and new to play with.

Maybe a make up or intimates box is in my future?

***UPDATE*** Customer service did contact me back within 2 days regarding my bracelet. Unfortunately, they were out of stock of the bracelet pictured in the invoice. They sent a replacement bracelet.

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Dottie Box Mini





I received my one-time mini Dottie Box for $10.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.  It was a nice little gift to receive in the mail, perfect for the Etsy lover in us all.


First gift out of the box was a multi-colored crocheted item by Lavender Lizard. It had a key ring attached to it but I was not sure what it was. Nicely handmade with a lot of red, green, and yellow detail; I finally figured out it is a lipstick or lip balm holder which can be attach it to a key ring.  What a good idea!  While I like the concept, I would not place this on my key chain only because I hate a bulky set of keys. I am also quite sure that if my husband were to use my car, this would be the first thing taken off the ring too. While it may not work on my keychain, I did find the perfect spot – clipped to the diaper bag.  Lord knows that the diaper bag is a giant black hole, swallowing every item in there, making it impossible to find.  Now my lip balm is handy when I take the little guy for a walk. ($6.00)


Next I found a minty green, mini nail polish from CoCoLacQuer.  Now I am pretty conservative when it comes to my nail polish colors, I get nervous to try colors outside of my comfort zone.  I usually gravitate towards pale pinks or shimmery tans but rarely adventure into greens or yellows. ($2.00)  (Update: I tried this nail color and a day later the paint on two of my nails had significantly chipped away…was not thrilled with the time I spent to paint and dry for it to chip so soon.) Disappointed to learn there is no longer an Etsy Shop.


I wondered if there would be a jewelry item in the box and Dottiebox did not disappoint.  I found a cute pair of rose lavender/pinkish plastic stud earrings from Mercantile519 for pierced ears.  Not normally what you would find on my ears but with these subscription boxes I am evolving my style and trying new things. These earrings look great with a few tops I own and will be cute for spring. ($5.00)



The last item was wrapped in a brown paper bag with a sticker announcing Dottiebox is celebrating their one-year anniversary. Inside the bag was a tube of juicy watermelon lip balm (heyyy….perfect for the crochet holder!) that is 100% natural. I love, love, love lip balms! It’s easy to win me over with a great smelling balm. The scent reminds me summers past of fresh cut watermelon in the air at family barbeques. ($3.50)

Overall, my experience with Dottiebox was pleasant. If you are looking for a gift to give your sister or to a friend who loves handmade items – or who enjoys supporting artists – Dottiebox would be ideal. An affordable, surprise gift that I am sure would bring a smile to their face.  As an added bonus, Dottiebox will include a personalized gift tag for your recipient, a very nice personal touch.

The box retailed at $16.50 and I paid $10.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.  In total, I received a lip balm as well as a crocheted holder in which to place it, a mini nail polish and earrings.  For the $10 I spent (minus shipping), I feel Dottiebox supplied a good value; however, I would have liked to have seen at least one more surprise item inside like a beauty product or a hair accessory.  Something like a mineral eye shadow would have been great or a twist tie.  For the items Dottiebox provided, I feel it is a box that should be considered.

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Julep Maven-First Box Free

“A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous”.~Coco Chanel

I was excited to stumble upon this subscription box service called Julep Maven, a monthly nail subscription service for $19.99 with free shipping. What I liked about this company was the free box offer and having to only pay the shipping and handling ($3.99). Fabulous marketing tool on their part, it allows you to sample a box without fully committing to a subscription up front.  Without this offer, I am uncertain if I would have purchased a subscription, but certainly found it to be worth its value.

To take advantage of the offer, check out their website Julep complete the style profile – more on this later – enter your shipping information and your done!  Julep Maven allows you to cancel at any time.


My box promptly arrived five days after ordering. I knew it was coming Saturday morning and anxiously looked outside my door in the morning and there it was.



Great packaging, the purple box, sparkling tissue paper and gray packing material all provided a pleasant presentation.  It is a tell-tale sign Julep Maven takes pride in their brand image and pays careful attention to detail. Upon opening I was greeted to three items, a welcome booklet, a 50% off coupon for my next purchase, and my style profile.  The style profile is based on the series of questions answered in the initial order.  Julep Maven uses this information to decide which of their boxes fits your profile.  My style is Classic with a Twist.

Now I will be the first to admit that I am awful at painting my nails. The worst.  Ok, I am better at painting my finger nails but giving myself a pedicure, FORGET IT! It looks like a child colored outside the lines.


The first item I pulled out of the box is called “Mighty” Nail & Cuticle Serum. The serum contains amino acids that build keratin for your nails and collagen for your cuticles. Your cuticles with strengthen and your nail’s appearance will appear smoother within 2-3 weeks. Use twice daily. ($28.00/$22.40 with Maven subscription)Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum

I am interested in trying this product out.  Ever since my pregnancy, my nails have strengthened and grown like crazy but my cuticles still look terrible. Let’s face it, I am a new mom and just don’t have the time to go to the salon and get a manicure like used to religiously do.


Next, I pulled out two orange “Buffer Blocks”. To be honest, I had to do some research on Julep’s website as I wasn’t quite sure what these were for. Clearly, I am not a nail buff (no pun intended). I tried these right away, one side is for filing, shaping and buffing your nails, the coarser side is to smooth your nail ridges. These worked a great and are the perfect size for your makeup bag; small enough to throw it in your purse or keep in your glove box for an easy touch up. 4-pack ($4.00/$2.00 with Maven subscription) Buffer Blocks

Now on to the fun part.  Nail polish yay!!


My box came with two polishes, “Myrtle” (reddish) and “Zora” (frosted pink). I was really drawn to Zora, I loved the sophisticated, yet simple, frosted pink shimmer. Great for spring and delicate events such as weddings. Beautiful color for a bride or bridesmaids. Both polishes are sold separately. ($14.00 / $11.20 with Maven subscription) Myrtle and Zora


Value of the box: Approximately $58.00 without subscription and $46.80 with Maven subscription.  I like that this box introduced me to Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum.  This is something I have never used previously and now find it as part of my nail routine.  The profile truly matched my personality – classic with a twist.

I recommend this box for someone who enjoys nail polish and is willing to experiment with new and different nail trends.  This Julep Maven box is a fabulous deal- just pay shipping and handling to receive your free box.

Bonus Information, the nail polish is chip resistant and fast drying. It does not contain the following: toluene,formaldehyde,formaldehyde resin or DBP. Toxin Free

Get your’s today!

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