The Librarian-Indie Gift Box

Indie Gift Box ($25 monthly/ + shipping) High quality, one of a kind items made by passionate artists. Not a monthly subscription. Purchase the current month’s theme & buy the box when you want. First come – first serve.

I ordered a box which was still available from February called The Librarian.

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When the box arrived it was fairly light, I definitely wanted to tear it open and see what was inside because of its weight.


First item out of the box were two stretch bracelets made from Czech glass with silver plated accents from DuchessaOriginals. These are petite bracelets; I have tiny wrists and these bracelets are tight, definitely not a whole lot of wiggle room on the wrist. Cute but not something I got overly excited about. ($12.00)

(Let me make note, I have the upmost respect for people who create, I am a supporter of artists and artisan designers).


I worked for years in an Antique Jewelry Store and had the opportunity to appreciate the years of evolution in jewelry styles. Cameos are not always appreciated by everyone- I happen to really like them. I have an old cameo ring from my mom, which I occasionally will take out and wear. Low and behold, inside my box was a pair of cameo earrings from One Ugly Unicorn. Petite, black-and-white, very cute for pierced ears. I took them out of the plastic bag and realized they are made from plastic, not that I was expecting the real thing, of course. These are cute and I’m sure they will find a way to my earlobes- appropriately fits The Librarian theme. ($4.00)

20140318_105323 20140318_105227

Next, I took out a small box which contained a microfiber handkerchief from Activist Eyewear. Handkerchiefs are a pastime,this is an item I would have never thought about  but I am glad it made its way into the box. It sparked an idea for a gift, especially for the modern day bride.They have several different options on their website ($20)


Now this item, by WrittenForYou, is a tag that reads “drink coffee,read books,be happy” My assumption is this is a book mark. Remember those from elementary school, before the internet and Kindle Fires? Have you forgotten the smell of a library book or what turning a page felt like? Playing on the theme “The Librarian”, a cute little item which I will use for the library books sitting on my end table. ($4.00)


My favorite piece of the whole box was the surprise item from a past artist, a chai tea lip balm from ReveilleReveille. Made with avocado oil, cocoa and shea butter just to touch upon a few of its moisturizing elements, it is perfect for smoothing out those chapped winter lips (pucker up boys). The best part, it smells exactly like a chai tea!  Indie Gift box has this listed as a $6.00 value- ReveilleReveille has it listed for ($4.89)

The retail value of this box is $46.00. Overall, this wasn’t my favorite box; truth be told, many of the items did not fit my style.  However, there was value in the box as items did exceed what I paid.  I am happy to support the artists and their community and believe Indie Gift box provides a wonderful opportunity for these creative minds. I do love handmade items, with these types of subscriptions you don’t always know what you’re going to receive.  But in a way, that’s the fun of it. Because of the uniqueness of the items, I don’t want to give up on Indie Gift Box.  While this box was not completely my style, I will definitely try them again when they are available for purchase.

Thanks for reading! Any questions please feel free to comment below!

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