KLUTCHclub-March Mom’s Box

KLUTCHclub is a monthly subscription box featuring healthy, holistic and fitness related products. Products range anywhere from food, workout products, vitamins or beauty products. KLUTCHclub offers a subscription box for women, men and mom’s.

1 month subscription: $10.00 + $8.00 for s/h

3 month subscription: $9.00 + $8.00 for s/h

6 month subscription: $8.00 + $8.00 for s/h

U.S. Shipping Only

If you read my review on KLUTCHclub posted earlier, my general consensus was “so-so”…I had another box waiting for a review and after returning to examine all the items in the KLUTCHclub box, I was quite happy with what I found inside!


As stated previously, there was no paperwork but after some research I believe this is the Mom’s Box for February or March. I wish KlutchClub would include a note or a product list like other subscription boxes.  It is nice to be able to read a little synopsis about each product.

How many of us women out there have spent an astronomical amount of money on weight loss products?  I know I have – drinks, diet pills and fad diets – nothing worked.  Or, I should say nothing kept the weight off except good old fashion dieting and exercise. I worked my butt off to get in shape for my wedding back in November of 2012 and I rocked it!  Then a little surprise came and he was born in October of 2013, and with his happy little face came extra baby weight. Though my excess weight is slowly coming off, this change in weather has motivated me to get rid of the rest!  Let’s face it, a lot of us go into winter hibernation, especially those of us in northern climates.


Inside my KLUTCHclub box was a package of 28 strawberry melon flavored soft chews from FRS. These are not the greatest-tasting chews in the world but they are not awful.  They almost have a taffy-like texture to them – chewy but easy to swallow.  These chews – labeled as appetite control & natural energy – are supposed to support weight loss and help you feel fuller faster along with boosting energy levels. They are gluten free, contain no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors and also have seven essential vitamins. Instructions explain to take two chews 30-60 min before each of your two primary meals (breakfast & dinner for me). I am anxious to see if these really work, anything that doesn’t involve me skipping a meal or padlocking my fridge is a plus for me. ($19.20 from Iherb)


I’ve never seen the next product before and am anxious to give them a try – All Natural, Intelligent Protein Snacks (IPS) Egg White Chips with aged white cheddar. Our pantry is never bare of potato chips and I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur.  These chips are made from egg whites and corn; they are gluten free and have no artificial colors or flavors and contain 7g of protein. In a 1oz bag there are 130 calroies, 5g of fat, 240mg of sodium and only 1g of sugar. ($1.66 approx a bag for 1oz Amazon)


Raspberry Ketones (30 capsules) from Puritans Pride were next in my KLUTCHclub box. I had to do a little research about Raspberry Ketones since I have never heard of them before. Raspberry ketones are a supplement made from a compound of red raspberries, which helps break up your fat cells more effectively making your body burn fat faster. You do need to eat a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly for this to help you. Take one a day. Check out Dr. Oz for more information. ($9.99)


When I buy groceries I am constantly looking at a product’s sugar content and sodium. I rarely buy anything that is high in sodium or has a lot of sugar unless I am splurging and just craving something oh so delicious. Think Thin Chunky Peanut Butter Bar is a high protein bar containing 20g of protein. Gluten free, the bar surprisingly has 0g of sugar. A little higher on the fat side at 9g, one serving is 240 calories and 240mg of sodium. I can picture eating this as an energy recharger or a meal replacement. I like the lack of sugar and that it could fill the craving for a candy bar should my sweet tooth appear.  I definitely will share it with my peanut butter-loving husband. ($1.99 per bar)


Next inside was a crunch bar consisting of coconut, chocolate, and mixed nuts.  This too is a Think Thin product though much, much smaller than their peanut butter bar. It contains 7g of sugar, 9g of protein and 4g of fiber. ($1.62 per bar)


My KLUTCHclub box included a 3 fl oz of Wheatgrass Boost from Argo Labs. I am not too familiar with wheatgrass, so I researched the benefits of this product and found that it contains Chlorophyll, which is found in living plants. Chlorophyll is an important blood-builder, it neutralizes toxins in your body, purifies the liver (maybe good after a night of drinking) and helps improve blood sugar problems. You can read more here. This product is expensive for one shot ($3.49 per bottle). I don’t think this is something that will make its way into my daily routine as the benefits are not fully reaped unless drunk regularly. **Update** I just tried this out and No Thank you - it has a very putrid taste.


Core Power included a full size 11.5 fl oz strawberry banana protein drink in this month’s KLUTCHclub. A natural, high protein milk shake containing 20g of protein. It has 3.5g of fat, 150 calories and 11g of sugar. Core Power uses real milk, helps build lean muscle, contains natural ingredients, is lactose-free, and no powders or preservatives.  They claim it does not have a chalky taste – we’ll see – my husband and I drink protein shakes in the morning and I will be happy to give this a try after I take my little guy for our morning workout walk. ($35.99 for 12pk Amazon about $3.00 per bottle)


I also received a lentil and rice kit from Jaali Bean. This is considered the ultimate Indian comfort food. I have never been a fan of Indian food but we will give this a try for  a side dish at dinner. My mom truly appreciates the flavors of Indian food, we will have to invite her over to give this a try. Orange lentils blended with long grain rice and fragrant spices will be sure to give a nice flavor. This lentil kit has 150 calories, 0g of fat and 440mg of Sodium (personally that is a bit high in sodium for me) ($5.00 per box Amazon)


Lastly, some bites to help you when you just need that little extra burst of energy from Kickbutt Energy Ballz. This is a chocolate, honey and caramel chewable ball with a grape coating. You can eat 1-2 balls before doing anything physical or that requires energy. Unfortunately, these are a no for me. I didn’t enjoy the taste. My husband tried the second one and found them to have a bitter aftertaste. I couldn’t find exact pricing so I will value this somewhere between $1.25-$2.25

Overall, I was very happy with promotional box for  KLUTCHclub. This box valued approximately $47.00 based on pricing I found on the web. If you would have purchased the one-time subscription box it would have cost you $18.00 with shipping and handling.  By those calculations, you have more than doubled your value.

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Remember I am not Physician- consult your Doctor if you have questions regarding your health and products listed on my blog.

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KLUTCHclub- March

KLUTCHclub is a monthly subscription box featuring healthy, holistic and fitness related products. Products range anywhere from food, work out products, vitamins and beauty. KLUTCHclub offers a subscription box for women, men and mom’s.

1 month subscription: $10.00 + $8.00 for s/h

3 month subscription: $9.00 + $8.00 for s/h

6 month subscription: $8.00 + $8.00 for s/h

U.S. Shipping Only

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get fit or healthy? Did you realize it’s April and still haven’t started or achieved that goal yet? KLUTCHclub would be a great way to try a few products out without having to commit to the price of a full size product and see what might help you achieve the lifestyle you are looking for.


This box arrived today- this is a February or March box, unfortunately, I do not have any paper work confirming who this box is actually for women, men or moms.


Runa Energy Tea “Ginger-Citrus”- For focused energy, twice the antioxidants of green tea, naturally sweet & has caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee. ($7-9.00 Amazon)


Premier Protein “Cookies & Cream” Protein Bar- 15g of protein, 7g of fiber, Gluten Free, no artificial flavors or colors, 8g of sugar and 190 calories ($25.95 for 18bars)


Popchips “Barbeque”- All natural, no preservatives, artificial flavors, colors or cholesterol. Gluten Free. 3g of fat, 100 calories, 2g of Sugar (check local grocery store)


Aquatowel “Personal Towel”- Personal towel for hands, face and body. Great for post work-out sweat or a quick refresh. ($2.50 starting)


Zarbee’s Naturals “Seasonal Relief”- Non-drowsy,natural, gluten free and dairy free. Uses extract from the Butterbur plant which is PA-safe and clinically proven to work fast to aid in pollen and congestion. ($8.99)


Manitoba Harvest ” Hemp Pro 70 & Hemp Hearts Shelled Hemp Seeds”- Protein powder to mix in drink, 140 calories, 4.5g fat, 2g of sugar and raw shelled hemp seeds to sprinkle on cereal, salad and yogurt, 170 calories, 13g fat, Less than 1g of sugar. ($29.99 for Hemp Pro 70 & $2.99 & up for Hemp Hearts)


OMG Sport Spray “Deodorize Spray, Mint”- Multi purpose spray, use on everything in gym bag wait for it to dry and then wash your products. ($12.95)


Radius “Cranberry Floss”- Replaces traditional wax floss, USA grown unsweetened cranberry essence. Helps prevent gum disease. Vegan. ($2.99 & up)


Boxed Water “Water”- Replaces plastic water bottles, eco friendly, made from 76% renewable resources. <——-my favorite product in the box! ($12.00 for 12pk or $24.00 for 24pk)

This was a so-so box. I am interested in trying a few of the products out but nothing in the box was that exciting except the boxed water.  Can’t wait to see what is in my other KLUTCHclub waiting for me on the counter!

What are your thoughts and opinions? Please feel free to comment!

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