Birthday Box Reveal

This year for my Birthday, my husband put together a “subscription” style box and left it outside our door for me to find on my Birthday. He did a great job being creative!

I was asked to share what was inside!



1.) Peach Vinegar- He benefits from this one because I use it to make an excellent light couscous dish

2.) Coconut Vinegar- I love to cook and flavored vinegars can make a dish outstanding!

3.) Jimmy Choo Perfume “Flash”- Perfume and Body lotion

4.) Goo Goo’s- chocolate goodness <—this happens to be an inside joke from our drive down to Florida

5.) Lush Bath Bombs- for the evenings I can take a bath, while he plays with our son

6.) Coach Crossbody- Coral color perfect for Summer

7.) Jamba Juice Apple Chips- these are fabulous!

8.) Origins Head ache Relief- Works instantly and is great when you want to avoid tylenol

9.) Milk Bath- for my bubble bath

My husband is a great shopper and he always takes the time to think and be creative. I was really excited for this Birthday gift and he knocked it out of the park for me!

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