Foundation and Make Up Brush Cleaner By Cecilia Rosslee

How many of you neglect cleaning your make up brushes? I know I am guilty of not taking very good care of my make up brushes and when you stop and think about all the oil and bacteria that finds its way to your brushes, it’s gross.  Recently I read an article that e-coli can be growing on make up brushes. If you haven’t eaten lunch and want to be grossed out you can read this article by about just how dirty your make up brushes are. Gross.

After reading that article, you better believe I will be taking better care of my make up brushes.

When searching for products to review and feature in my monthly give-aways I turned to Etsy where I came across Cecilia Rosslee from Carmel, California.

After contacting Cecilia, I was sent two bars of her Foundation & Make Up Remover bar soap in the mail. I couldn’t wait to try this out on my make up brushes and see just how well this soap would work in cleaning the dirty grime and build-up of foundation and concealers off of my brushes.

20140428_164118 20140428_164125

This bar of soap is a nice size, comparable to a Dove or Irish Spring bar. It is all natural, handmade and a non-chemical product. The soap is cold-pressed, made from high-grade extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil not only cleans the brushes but it also helps to condition the bristles on your brush. It also has a lovely light scent.


When I tried this bar out, I filled up my kitchen sink with warm water and threw in my brushes. Next, I took the bar of soap and wet it, I couldn’t believe how creamy and soft this soap is.  I took each brush and rubbed the soap and rinsed until the water was clear. This was incredibly easy to use and I couldn’t believe just how dirty my brushes were…I am almost ashamed of myself for letting them go this long with out a washing.


After I was done washing each brush I laid them on a paper towel to dry over night. The next day I took a few dry brushes and rubbed them on the paper towel to see if there was an excess make up dirt and guess what? There wasn’t! This soap did a great job and my brushes were soft to the touch.

Make sure you store your bar of soap in a soap dish or draining container to prolong the life of the soap. I have a feeling this is going to last quite a long time with proper care.

I am so happy I came across Cecilia Rosslee’s Etsy Shop. Not only does she sell the Foundation and Make Up brush cleaner she also sells lavendar, oatmeal and rose body soaps all 100% handmade.

This Foundation and Make Up Brush cleaner would make a great gift for anyone who wears make up. I wish I would have stumbled upon her store two years ago, this would have been great to put inside my bridesmaids’ gifts. Great gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays or even a little hostess gift for your best friend.

Check out Cecilia Rosslee Etsy Store or Follow on Facebook

Want to buy one for a gift? Use coupon code MOTHERSDAY for 15% off your purchase from her Etsy Shop.

GUESS WHAT? You Could Win one bar of her Savon de Carmel Foundation & Make Up Brush Cleaner will be featured in my May’s Give Away on Facebook. You have to be a Fan of the page and watch for contest details!! Contest Starts May 2nd. U.S. Shipping Only.

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