Color Me Monthly- May

Color Me Monthly kindly sent me a box to review for May. Color Me Monthly is a nail polish subscription service that sends you a full size nail polish every month. Did I mention that this nail polish is non toxic, carcinogen free, vegan, eco-friendly, made in the USA, never tested on animals and free shipping?

This is a perfect monthly subscription for anyone who loves nail polish. I usually pick up a new nail polish every month or at least every other month at the drug store and for $7.00 a month one can be shipped to me for free. Color Me Monthly also keeps their packaging to a minimum-which allows them to keep the cost down and the shipping free.

Subscriptions are Available:

$7.00 a month

$40.00 every six months

$75.00 a year




This month’s color is a shimmery sea foam green/light blue color called Sirens. Summer is approaching and this would look great on your nails and toes especially if your the type who can tan in the sun. I love the color but I am not one to wear colors like this on my nails, I stick to very plain nail polish colors. Lucky for you- this will be a Give Away Item!!

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Dottie Box Mini





I received my one-time mini Dottie Box for $10.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.  It was a nice little gift to receive in the mail, perfect for the Etsy lover in us all.


First gift out of the box was a multi-colored crocheted item by Lavender Lizard. It had a key ring attached to it but I was not sure what it was. Nicely handmade with a lot of red, green, and yellow detail; I finally figured out it is a lipstick or lip balm holder which can be attach it to a key ring.  What a good idea!  While I like the concept, I would not place this on my key chain only because I hate a bulky set of keys. I am also quite sure that if my husband were to use my car, this would be the first thing taken off the ring too. While it may not work on my keychain, I did find the perfect spot – clipped to the diaper bag.  Lord knows that the diaper bag is a giant black hole, swallowing every item in there, making it impossible to find.  Now my lip balm is handy when I take the little guy for a walk. ($6.00)


Next I found a minty green, mini nail polish from CoCoLacQuer.  Now I am pretty conservative when it comes to my nail polish colors, I get nervous to try colors outside of my comfort zone.  I usually gravitate towards pale pinks or shimmery tans but rarely adventure into greens or yellows. ($2.00)  (Update: I tried this nail color and a day later the paint on two of my nails had significantly chipped away…was not thrilled with the time I spent to paint and dry for it to chip so soon.) Disappointed to learn there is no longer an Etsy Shop.


I wondered if there would be a jewelry item in the box and Dottiebox did not disappoint.  I found a cute pair of rose lavender/pinkish plastic stud earrings from Mercantile519 for pierced ears.  Not normally what you would find on my ears but with these subscription boxes I am evolving my style and trying new things. These earrings look great with a few tops I own and will be cute for spring. ($5.00)



The last item was wrapped in a brown paper bag with a sticker announcing Dottiebox is celebrating their one-year anniversary. Inside the bag was a tube of juicy watermelon lip balm (heyyy….perfect for the crochet holder!) that is 100% natural. I love, love, love lip balms! It’s easy to win me over with a great smelling balm. The scent reminds me summers past of fresh cut watermelon in the air at family barbeques. ($3.50)

Overall, my experience with Dottiebox was pleasant. If you are looking for a gift to give your sister or to a friend who loves handmade items – or who enjoys supporting artists – Dottiebox would be ideal. An affordable, surprise gift that I am sure would bring a smile to their face.  As an added bonus, Dottiebox will include a personalized gift tag for your recipient, a very nice personal touch.

The box retailed at $16.50 and I paid $10.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.  In total, I received a lip balm as well as a crocheted holder in which to place it, a mini nail polish and earrings.  For the $10 I spent (minus shipping), I feel Dottiebox supplied a good value; however, I would have liked to have seen at least one more surprise item inside like a beauty product or a hair accessory.  Something like a mineral eye shadow would have been great or a twist tie.  For the items Dottiebox provided, I feel it is a box that should be considered.

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