Sockwork: Socks with a Purpose

Sockwork: Socks with a Purpose 

Through the power of Twitter, I had the opportunity to do a review for a company called Sockwork. This is a monthly subscription for you guessed it…socks. They were kind enough to send me out a box for a review.

Sockwork offers a subscription for men and women.  First choose your style: professional, fun or a mix of the two and then select your membership.

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Month-to-Month : 2 Pairs of Socks $20.00 F/S

3 Months: 2 Pairs of Socks (Billed every 3 Months) $60.00 F/S

6 Months: 2 Pairs of Socks (Billed every 6 Months) $114.00 F/S (Discounted to $19.00 a month)

12 Months: 2 Pairs of Socks (Billed every 12 Months) $216.00 F/S (Discounted to $18.00)


Inside my box was two pairs of men’s dress socks from Richer Poorer Inc, a company designed in California, made in Korea. My husband loves socks and he always wears a nice pair of socks with his wardrobe.  The sock expert in the family was quite impressed with the quality of socks received in a subscription box.


The first pair of socks are a deep forest green with orange polka dots. Made with 68% combed cotton, 16% polyester, 13% nylon and 3% spandex.


The second pair of socks are grey with a yellow geometric design. Made from the same components found in the first pair of socks.  I loved these the best, in fact these will disappear from my husbands sock drawer over time.

Sizing 6-12 men’s


Neither one of us were familiar with this company and I decided to search for them on the internet. They have a nice website and I was able to find both of these socks currently for sale each retailing $12.00.

I wanted to see just how much it would cost to order from Richer or Poor Inc. and with Tax and Shipping (Illinois) it would cost $30.45 for both pairs. You’re getting a great deal with a subscription from Sockwork.

What, I like most about Sockwork is every month they donate a percentage of their profits to a different Veterans charity. While corresponding with Sockwork I learned that members of their team and family members have served in the military. I have great respect for Veterans who have risked their lives to protect us and our freedom.  I don’t know about you, but I am more inclined to buy from companies who donate to charities. Sockwork donating to a different Veteran’s Charity each month is a wonderful idea. On their Twitter account they state they are Veteran and Woman Owned.

This month’s donation will go to Stop Soldier Suicide, you can read more about this charity by clicking on the link.

This would be a great subscription to give someone- it’s thinking outside the box and keeps the gift whimsical to open every month.

Perhaps a great idea for Father’s Day?

You can also receive 10% OFF your first order by using the code SOX2014.

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Sock Fancy- April

Ok…Who is the first person that comes to mind when you look at these socks? Scroll down for my answer….


Did you guess Bill Cosby?

Ahh..come on! Don’t these socks remind you of his sweaters on the Cosby Show?

Out of all the socks my husband has received from Sock Fancy, these are my favorite! Absolutely loved April’s shipment.For some reason, I can’t help but think of Bill Cosby.

$9.00 per month plus shipping. Men and Women’s subscriptions available.

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What do you think?


Sox Fancy- March’s Review

April 5th, 2014

When searching for new subscription services, I came across this great company called Sock Fancy.  A monthly subscription for socks! This was a perfect idea for my husband for Christmas. I married a man who loves nice socks and through Sock Fancy he receives a new pair of quality socks monthly with different styles or prints. He loved the idea and looks forward to his little gift in the mail each month. I really love this concept and think it a great gift for someone you just don’t know what to get.

Sock Fancy offers subscriptions for both men and women. For $9.00 a month, plus $2.00 for shipping and handling, you receive your own pair of  high quality socks.  If you don’t like the pair you received you can send them back as long as the tags are still on and Sock Fancy will send you out a new pair.  Subscriptions are offered month-to-month basis  or in four, eight, or 12 month packages.

There have been some issues with shipping but you always do receive your socks. While they are supposed to arrive in the beginning of the month, we have had some arrive towards the end of the month.  At times there is a 6-7 week gap in shipments, other times it is 1-2 weeks. Sock Fancy has excellent customer service and will reply to your message with in 1-2 business days.

Lucky for us, Sock Fancy had a problem with their March shipment and my husband did not receive his socks until April 5th, (he will still get his pair for April).  To their credit, Sock Fancy kindly sent out an email explaining the mishap and for his inconvenience they were sending two pairs of socks this month. This is a great proactive approach to keeping their customers happy, Sock Fancy took the extra step.  Instead of ignoring the issue they provided a generous gift.


If you or someone you know love fun, whimsical socks this is an affordable subscription service to belong too!

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